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Summer is finally here! (Well something like that). Lockdown restrictions are slowly easing (Boris do the right thing) and the new music so far is banging.

Many artists know that summertime is a crucial time for vibes, it’s that song you hear every day from now till August that makes it special. Here at 9bills we have looked at some songs that are already going off in our playlists, brunches, cars and speakers.

Tion Wayne x Russ Millions – Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

“Have you seen the state of her body??!” ArrDee has us all in a chokehold with this bar on the ‘Body’ remix and it’s not just Adeola’s wanting to roll with the geezer. The catchy hook and verses can be heard everywhere you turn, all the Keishas and Beckys are going nuts to it, the lads too. Russ and Tion Wayne have kicked off the summer to a perfect start with this one, the original version of this tune secured a top spot for a few weeks, for a good reason.

NSG – Colonoization

“Stopped chasing the bag once I turned into one.” NSG love summer and summer loves NSG. So do we over here at 9bills. NSG have reminded us that they are here to stay with their latest release titled “Colonization”. They added a dramatic effect with the help of a String Octet (judging by the music video) to mirror the title’s feel. I would be surprised if there aren’t any more momentous singles to be released by the group as we get deeper into summer.

Lost Girl Rockabye ft. BackRoad Gee

This new tune definitely gets you in a nostalgic mood, induced by a heavy Garage influenced sound. Can Garage make a full return this summer? Play this in a club and it will be going off like it’s the early 2000’s. BackRoadGee switched up his typical energetic sound for a mellower one and it fits perfectly. You can’t fully enjoy summer without hearing some Garage and that’s exactly what this song is here for.

Pa Salieu x Slowthai – Glidin

This one is a personal favourite. The production on this song, coupled with Pa Salieu’s jumpy flow makes it a summer special. Slowthai did his thing too, showing that he can adapt to whoever he’s on a tune with. The two artists complement each other very well and are giving feel good vibes for the sunny (sometimes) weather. Play this in the car while you’re driving with the windows down and you’ll know what we’re on about. 

Aitch – TBC

There are quite a few artists to look out for to get your summer jumping, Aitch may be one of them. He has revealed that he will be dropping his long awaited new album soon. Everything Aitch touches turns into gold and he is currently at the top of his game. He always brings the “Je ne sais quoi”, whether it be on a cheeky feature or on his own songs. With the ‘Learning Curve’ video already out, we are sure that Aitch will be dropping a summer anthem follow up any minute now. 

WSTRN Season???

When is WSTRN Season?! It must be here any day now! We all know WSTRN’s powers come from the sun. ‘Maggie and Stardawg’ – reading those words should bring back memories of simpler, fun times. Wstrn treated us with their latest single “Mama Stay”, but now that summer is in full swing we want THE bangers, an album or a mixtape. When we hear Haile begin the song with an instantaneously memorable hook, that’s when you know summer has officially started. 

Juju J Summer ’21 – Is this a conspiracy?

Is it cheeky to expect a sneaky summer release from the King of Vibes himself – Mr Juju J, J Hus?! I think not! J Hus has timeless bangers in his discography which can be played all summer long. ‘Play Play’ featuring Burna Boy gets unlimited wheel ups! The Big Conspiracy album is a big hit with songs on the album continuously sparking debates, over which song is the best on the album. While we do appreciate what J Hus has given us, we would like to hear something new to complete our summer. A feature with Dave wouldn’t hurt, would it? We would even come in the black Benz and leave in the white one with you, Hus. Did you see what I done there? That went over your heads. 

Brexit means, Brexit for DBE?

“Narryseeeee”, D-Block Europe need to stop playing with us. We need to hear that shameless lyricism amplified with auto tune this summer. D-Block Europe know how to make bangers in any season. Young Adz reminded us that he really is about that rap life with his recent Daily Duppy (without auto tune), exhibiting his pen game as, serious. Now that has proved this, he needs to ring up LB and give us a summer of explicity.

When outside opens, let’s hope artists release everything they’ve been holding back due to the pandemic, maybe summer might be extra special this year round.

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"writer with the pen game as good as some rappers"



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