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‘Insomnia’ Album Skepta, Chip, Young Adz | The Verdict

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Skepta, Chip & Adz seemingly dropped this from out of nowhere as Monday we were presented with the album cover, the date and a promo trailer for a finished album we had no previous knowledge about. Unfortunately for the listener, the rushed out of nowhere nature of the promotion leaks on to the album. Thus making the album at some points begin to feel lacklustre, tedious and ultimately  underwhelmed given the star power of Skepta, Chip & Young Adz

The Positives

Mains, the intro track is a show of things that I not only expected but wanted more of on this tape. Adz, Chip & Skep go back to back to back rapping about life in the trap and the flash life it can give you. On the track they work together perfectly and sound as though they are a collective and like they have been making music together for years, it’s a real shame this chemistry and flair wasn’t prominent throughout the project.

Golden Brown, my personal favourite track is a silky smooth – sweet RNB cut that has a clear soul influence. Skepta beautifully serenades on the hook in a soft sexually driven voice, he has the last verse which is a decent showing from skep on this one with all things taken into account. Adz takes the wheel and surprisingly fits very well on here. He manages to not do anything too extravagant or extra with his vocals either, he does his job and ducks out. Chip comes in effortlessly on this track showing his versatility. He then goes on to talk about his come up in the game and how older artists are now jealous of him not only because he has managed to stay relevant for so long but is young wavy and not balding.

The promotional single Waze is very lacklustre for the most part as Adz’s hook comes off a little boring, talking his usual bravado about selling drugs and the things he does to women. Chip enters and makes his presence known not only on the song but to ANY rapper calling themselves King as multiple shots seem directed towards a previous associate of his.

St.Tropez is a bop due to the amazing work on the hook by M.I.A, Chip and Skepta ride the beat well weaving beautifully through the gaps in the drum loop. However, Adz although his verse isn’t weak doesn’t bring the same vibe to the track as Chip and Skep.

High Road is a highlight – All 3 artists speaking about their personal experiences and come ups through life and before they were the men they are today and how doing what they did or seeing what they saw made them who they are today.

The Negatives

The low points on this album are Insomnia Interlude, Star In The Hood and Mic check. Young Adz has a big part to play in all three.

Insomnia interlude is each artist saying around 8 bars each and then the mic shifts to the next person. Admittedly, its fun at first but on the second go round it feels like they’re playing hot potato with the mic. It is also very ironic that the main question in this song is how can I fall asleep? The answer? Listen to this song.

Star in the hood – it is very clunky and all over the place as a track. Chip doesn’t really seem interested on this track although he does send shots AGAIN for a rapper. This is really the only notable thing in this song.

Mic Check, This is the sole grime track that I didn’t expect to hear Adz on due to the nature of the beat. I believe that Skepta and Chip should have took more accountability here and keep Adz off this one as he doesn’t fit well at all.

Final Thoughts

Overall this album did prove to have a bit too much star power, some of the songs sound unfinished, rushed and no real chemistry. However, when it sometimes works evident on Golden Brown, Mains & High Road it is VERY good.

I feel as though Skepta, as the OG in this has a part to play in the blame as he is clearly the best pure artist he could have showed chip and Adz a vision rather them just sounding like your average Thursday 7pm GRM Daily drop.

This tape ultimately didn’t live up to the hype because based off the music I feel that not a lot of time went into the production on this. This is far from Skepta’s best work, I know Chip will dust himself off again and be back. Young Adz needs to go back to rapping more to how he was in 2016-18. For a while now I feel like he has let his standards slip and I know he can do SO much better.

“INSOMNIA – The Groundbreaking album” is defiantly far from that but some of the highlights on this are genuinely enjoyable but that doesn’t excuse its very evident flaws.

Best tracks – Mains, Golden Brown, St.Tropez, High Road

Worst Track – Star in the Hood, Insomnia Interlude, Mic Check, Sin City


Rating: 6.5/10

Words By @CJ_Edwardsx

Instagram @CJ_Edwardsx

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