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9 Iconic UK Rap Duos

Two heads are better than one. Whether it’s an official duo, or two solo artists that realise their synergy in the studio is just too contagious to only make one song.

Here are 9 duos who knock it out of the park when they join forces (in order of how many songs they have together).


9. Hardy Caprio & One Acen

If you ever want to relive your best summer, Hardy and Acen’s discography is definitely the one to pull up. ‘Best Life’, ‘E I O’, ‘Unsigned’ and ‘Rolling’ all boast cheerful melodies and have music videos that make you want to post #takemeback thowbacks of your most recent vacation on the gram.

Both being fans of each other, their relationship formed organically, whilst they were thinking about what their fusion would sound like. One day, Hardy stumbled on the perfect beat for Acen (Unsigned) but craftily propositioned it to Acen to make it seem like it was his idea. The rest is history!


8. Tion Wayne & Afro B

They came up with the perfect formula; Afro B singing the catchiest, melodious hooks and Tion Wayne laying the most charming and flashiest bars to accompany it. ‘BAE’, ‘Can’t Go Broke’ and ‘Grind Don’t Stop’ are amongst the biggest Afroswing anthems of their era. They also have a song called ‘They Know’ and here’s a fun fact; Afro B sang the backing vocals and hook on Tion’s ‘Be Like That’.

Tion & Afro B both attended the same university together so they saw each other around. Fast forward a couple years later, Afro B started making music and he became one of Tion‘s popular features, alongside One Acen (honourable mention).


7. Mdargg & Grizzy

Between their own coined phrases, Grizzy’s annunciation of words and Mdargg’s scooting flows, the pair put their own signature on going back to back. They were amongst the few that held down south london gangster rap, whilst simultaneously part of the initial wave of drill, during the reign of Afroswing.

‘Look Like You’, ‘All We Do’, ‘Bruce Wayne’, ‘Wicked Skengman’, ‘Waddup’, Oh Gard and more recently, ‘Don’t Mind’ are their shared tracks. ‘Look Like You’ dominated parties through out the UK and also ironically went viral through a third-party Afrobeat mashup. Mdargg and Grizzy are part of a group called 150 which they share several other tracks with fellow members.


6. Nines & Skrapz

This pair make rapping and trapping in North West London seem more glamorous and more of a brotherly unit, than in any other ends. Their nonchalant, laid back style of rapping make them seem unruffled by life’s prevalent trials and tribulations.

They feature on so many songs together, some with singers on the hook, for example ‘Rubber Bands’ with Ray Blk and ‘Free’ with Miss Kai Ryder. Others with various rappers, most commonly members of Ice City Boyz, the group they are both part of. Tracks with them exclusively include, ‘Breakin It Down’, ‘Finally Rich’ and ‘Every Day’.


5. Giggs & Blade Brown

It’s as if Batman and Superman joined forces to take over the scene in 2007 when Blade and Giggs dropped ‘Hollow Man meets Blade’, which sold “serious amounts”. In the UK, making a joint project was not something that was commonly done, especially when the two artists are not from the same town or group. Blade originally being from Streatham and Giggs, Peckham.

Working together allowed them to combine two different worlds and similar fan bases, as well as strengthen south London’s trap rap presence, it was definitely a game changer. ‘Sink a Boat’ is a crowd favourite, and they have other collaborations outside of the joint tape, namely ‘Hammer ’em Down’, ‘Let’s Take it Back’, ‘Maniacs’ and more recently ‘Block’s Hot’.


4. Young T & Bugsey

Young T & Bugsey come as a packaged deal from The Meadows, Nottingham and are known for making anthem’s that pretty much everyone can get down to. They met when they were 15 and were part of a collective before they realised they could do so much more as a two-man band.

Their song ‘Don’t Rush’ has recently broken the internet via a viral challenge that encourages people to stay at home and get glam with their friends remotely during Covid-19. Other well known bangers include ‘Strike a Pose’, ‘Ay Caramba’, ‘Gangland’ and ‘Greenlight’. They have also recently released an album called ‘Plead The 5th‘ which has plenty more songs on there due to blow up soon.


3. RV & Headie One

Headie and Rv are the Suarez and Messi of drill; they have been working together successfully for a long time and can be easily recognised as one of the best twosomes in rap. Coincidentally, they are also known for putting skilful football references in their lyrics.

They have co-released three mixtapes; ‘Sticks & Stones’, ‘Drillers and Trappers I’ and ‘Drillers and Trappers II’. Popular tracks include ‘Know Better’, ‘Why Always Me’, ‘Match Day’ and ‘Jugg’. They also have songs with other members of their team OFB which consists of other artists, also from Tottenham.

2. D-Block Europe (Dirtbike LB & Young Adz)

DBE are known for being experimental, more so with their current sound “wave” music which is very similar to the lean-sipping and pill-popping autotune culture in America. The pair met at school and befriended each other, but they only became a duo after Dirtbike saw how seriously Young Adz was taking music and wanted in.

They have 4 projects together; ‘Any Minute Now’ (With Yxng Bane), ‘Home Alone’, ‘PTSD’ and ‘Street Trauma’. They have so many songs that have charted which continuously do stupendous amounts of views; ‘Kitchen Kings’, ‘The Shard’, ‘Large Amounts’ and ‘nASSty’ to name a few.


1. Krept & Konan

Krept and Konan are an official duo commonly known for their exceptional wordplay skills and versatility in making different types of songs yet still appealing to the masses. They were both part of a group called Gipset based in Gipsy Hill which then, they were solo artists. However after accepting invites to the studio a mutual friend owned, they organically become a duo as their musical interests aligned.

Krept & Konan have a whopping 7 projects together; ‘Red Rum’, ‘Tsunami’, ‘Young Kingz’, ‘7 Days’, ‘7 Nights’, ‘The Long Way Home’ and ‘Revenge Is Sweet’. If you didn’t know from Gipset days, you probably knew them from their cover of ‘Otis’ which went viral. You have most definitely heard their chart toppers such as ‘Freak of The Week’, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, ‘Wo Wo Wo’ and ‘I Spy’. There are so many songs that they have made together that could be named!

Words by: @RiaRozayy




Giggs Super fan, cultural commentator, writer, presenter and creative writer <3



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