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Manchester is well and truly on the map

Over the years, the UK rap scene has been flooded by London rappers trying to make a name for themselves – with most having the same sound. However, there is an ever-changing shift, with artists from the North of England showing their worth.

Bugzy Malone

The Grime artist has worked hard on his way to the top, Rewinding back to 2010, when he released his first mixtape, titled, ‘SwaggaMan’, and still continued to flourish during the humble beginnings, which can be seen in many of his old freestyles, with the Grime daily north & Flush Raw magnifying this.

The self-proclaimed ‘King of the North’ is now drowning in success, with four UK official chart top ten albums to his name. However, with the accolades he has, the one thing that he is well-known for is his rap feud with fellow Grime artist, Chip. In 2015, Bugzy and Chip had one of the most memorable rap conflicts that we have seen in recent times, with quick and top quality replies from both parties. Along with this, Bugzy gained the achievement of having the most viewed Fire in the booth since its creation (26million).

Now, it seems as though the two have become fond of eachother, with Chip featuring on Bugzy’s newly released track, ‘Notorious’.

Meekz Manny

The masked rapper has been causing waves in the rap scene as of late, with his catchy flows and incredible visuals in his music videos – many of them having millions of views YouTube. One video that emphasises this is his hit, ‘Like me’, where he donned all of his outfits from his past videos.

The Mancunian gained recognition after being featured on P110: music’s second season of their ‘Hoods Hottest’ series.

The Gorton born rapper has quicky gained recognition, with Charlie Sloth being one of many to give him praise. “There’s a storm coming”, which Sloth says in the beginning of, ‘Manifesto’. From his debut EP, ‘ Can’t stop won’t stop’.

2020 was a massive year for Meekz, and he will definitely turn more heads this year…watch out for him!


Last but not least, we have Moston boy, Aitch. Coming to prominence with his Pezmo produced freestyle, ‘Straight Rhymez 1’.

Known for his tongue ‘n’ cheek lines and cheeky persona, he has been able to cement his place as not only one of Manchester’s best, but UK’s best right now too. Arguably, you could say that he had one of or the best verse on ‘Keisha & Becky’ remix.

His lyricism and creativity has given him many accolades in his career thus far, with two successful EP’s (AitcH20 & Polaris) and his head-bopping single, ‘Taste (make it shake)’, peaking to an impressive number two in the official charts.

Without doubt, Aitch will continue to get better and pay homage to his city, so something special could be coming from him in the near future.

With all the talent up North, it would be a shock if there was a decline in emerging artists – with the likes of Birmingham and Liverpool breeding many talented rappers too, so the scene is likely to be more competitive than ever!

John-Mark Collymore

I could’ve been a rapper but I injured my ACL, so now I’m writing about it!



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