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9 Masked rappers whose songs are actually pretty dope 🎭

masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers
K trap masked rapper

If in 2008 someone told you “in 10 years time there’s gonna be a host of artists who purposefully wear masks to make music”, you would have said, “Shut up man. You’re butterz”

It’s 2018 and not only are there artists who really wear masks seemingly all the time, [I mean, interviews, live shows and music videos] but they are making filthy bangers. Here are 9 of the best in no particular order.

1. K Trap

Genre: Gangsta rap/Drill
Most recognised track: Paper plans

Trivia: Despite seemingly not wanting to be known, K trap makes a big effort in wearing big brand designer labels. Apparently it helps with the ladies.

2. SL

Genre: Don’t know what to call it, Slow-zone Rap? SL raps about drugs and violence but in a slow mellow almost hypnotising way.
Most recognised track: Gentleman

Trivia: As of today (Jan, 2018) SL has not completed his GCSE exams. Not because he dropped out of school but because he doesn’t finish secondary school till July!

3. Hope dealers

Genre: Gospel Drill
Yes, Gospel + Drill + masks?!

Most recognised track: Hope dealers haven’t released a hit track yet but it’s coming…

Trivia: Hope dealers hail from a youth led church called SPAC Nation. The church caused a lot of controversy on social media and has even been accused of being a cult…

4. M Huncho

Genre: Melodic-rap? Huncho is another that doesn’t fit into a set genre, just vibe to it!

Most recognised track: Mad About Bars

Trivia: “The UK Baka” – @RiaRozayy

5. 67 LD

Genre: Drill

Most recognised track: Live Corn

Trivia: LD is part of the music group 67. If you aren’t familiar with them, you will be surprised to know that Big Shaq’s ‘Mans not hot’ uses the same instrumental 67 used a year prior for a song called ‘Let’s lurk’. It features Giggs and has 12 million views!

6. Reekz MB

Genre: Trap
Most recognised track: No face ft LD

Trivia: According to numerous sources, Reekz has been sentenced to 16 years in prison!

7. Don E

Genre: Afro-swing
Most recognised track: You Alright yeah?

Trivia: Beyonce, (yes- that one!) announced her pregnancy progress on Instagram using Don E’s ‘You alright yeah?’ as the backing track. Don E was chuffed as anyone would be.

8. CB

Genre: Drill
Most recognised track: Take that risk
Trivia: We’ve looked far and wide and it seems CB takes keeping his identity secret more seriously than Bruce Wayne. No social media at all!

9. 1011

Genre: Drill
Most recognised track: Next Up? | MixtapeMadness
Trivia: 1011’s Next up video reached 1 million views in less than 2 weeks!

Photo credits: Ayolaflare on Twitter

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masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers masked rappers.



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