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Words of Wisdom from @MsBanks94 at #TodayAtApple

Trying to breakthrough in any oversaturated market is hard, even if your talent supersedes many that are already in there. Ms Banks, 1/9bills #InternationalWomensDay celebrant who is heralded for her pen game held a song-writing workshop hosted by Snoochie @ The Apple store in Regent Street.

@MsBanks94 x @Snoochieshy

You don’t have to be an artist to take in her wisdom, below are 9 inspirational points she made that can be extrapolated to many other crafts:

1. Ms Banks doesn’t believe in writers block, she believes that you can write really good songs and really bad songs. Like many artists, there are hundreds of songs she’s recorded that you will never hear. That’s just the way it goes.

2. Write (almost) everyday. It sounds cliché and definitely easier said than done, but practise does make you better. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to the studio to do it or you can’t find a producer to work with, Ms Banks suggests that you write to existing songs or beats and make covers. That’s a perfect way of trying to master writing lyrics, especially if you have no label breathing down your neck pressuring you for original content.

3. Put your face online. Social media is so powerful in this day in age. You want to be noticed every where. Sign up to all the popular platforms eg. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

4. Shamelessly promote yourself and don’t be afraid to @ people your music directly, you never know who could see your content from that. All the big artists she’s friends with now, she did exactly the same thing to them!

5. Put yourself out there. Go to as many open mic nights and shows, perform there. and network, especially the events that repeat themselves as influential people will recognise you (this happened to her) and you could build relationships with them. Initially you may not make any money from these, but as time and your talent goes on, your fee will go up. These kind of events will boost your confidence, help you meet the right people and give you real performance practice.

6. Believe in yourself and be confident, if you don’t, how do you expect others to? People may not believe in you until they see that others do, this may not be deliberate it’s just one of those things.

7. It’s never too early to get a manager, you need people to help you. Make sure they can deliver what they say they will, don’t get sold dreams.

8. Ms Banks hasn’t really had help with writing lyrics, especially with rap, she takes owning her bars very seriously. Her content usually stems from what she’s going through at the time. E.g. her anticipated album “The Coldest Winter Ever” will have a lot of heartbreak content as that is what she was going through. However, she did reveal that Donaeo helped her with the melody on ‘Day Ones”.

9. Nelson, our brave and multitalented Founder of this blog took Ms Banks’ coaching at the workshop and came up with some pretty decent bars. He even performed it to everyone while Ms Banks ad-libbed. Even better, her mum filmed it and uploaded it on her Instagram. Shout out to Mummy Banks, the coolest parent ever. We’ve never seen someone who supports their child to the extent they go up on stage and turn up with them, it was a blessing to watch!


Giggs Super fan, cultural commentator, writer, presenter and creative writer <3



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