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First of all, you’re sh*t 😑😑 Should you tell your friend if their music is trash?😰

Blade Brown quote

All of us are fake!!!

At one point in time in our lives, we’ve all had a friend or associate that’s striving to be a successful artist and they’re pretty shit. If you don’t, you’re the striving artist but you can’t hear your own noise.

With practice, some people get better over the years and catch a break eg. Cardi B, while some don’t know when to stop. There’s nothing wrong with this, but in time they will become a nuisance, keep waving the ‘underrated’ flag and you’ll roll your eyes anytime their promo is in your face or when they ask you for your support. Then they’ll say “when people don’t support you they’re hating, don’t wanna see you win”. Lol no, more time they just don’t care.

What’s even worse is when they’ve asked you for feedback and you lied and said it was great. It’s ok to give Constructive criticism as everyone is a critic these days. You shouldn’t crush anyone’s dreams but there’s nothing wrong in trying to wake them up.

On a brighter note, a passion for music can be deployed in many ways. Some people have good lyrics but are whack at delivery, they could be song writers? Some people have a good ear but can’t perform, why not be an A&R?

Here’s a list of roles in the music industry that you or your friend might be more suited to, not everyone has to be an artist. If you can’t be the music then be around the music 🙂

A&R/Talent Scout – Have a good ear? Well put them to use to find talent and oversee artistic development

Accountant/ Royalty Accountant/ Finance Assistant – Good with numbers? Keep artists’ and music businesses’ finances in check and make sure they receive their cut

Artist Liaison – Love events? Good at building rapports? Strategic mind? Be the link between the artist and organisation

Backing Singer – Ignore the negative connotation around this, your vocal accompaniment can add so much flavour to a song

Booking Agent – Are you the plug? Make it happen and find places for artists to perform

Composer/Conductor – Can you read and write music? Orchestra, concerts, shows, recording studios, the world is your oyster!

Distributor – Can you move units? Get the music, to the people

DJ – Can you mix, read a crowd, have good selections? Remind people why they love music 💘

Engineer – Can you record, edit, mix down, use all the equipment, do everything technical, know how excellent quality sounds? This one’s for you

Instrumentalist – Can you play an instrument? Be the icing on the cake for a live performance or recording session 🎂

Journalist – Interrogate the world of music through interviewing artists and writing about their work

Manager – Do you have a good relationship with an artist or do you share the same vision about where they want to be and know how to get there? Be their decision maker and counsel

Photographer – Have you seen those sick pics from live shows or sick pics of artists in general? Why not convert the sound into images? Check our instagram for some sick photos!

Press/Publicist – Good media knowledge? Help artists keep their image intact through the right marketing, press releases, interviews etc.

Producer – Have you got good ideas? Can you see beyond the beat and into the whole creative process of a song? Be the reason someone makes a banger

Promoter – Are you good at oganising events? Put artists in the spotlight and give music lovers something to enjoy

Radio broadcaster/producer – Do you know what makes good audio content? Can you engage listeners? Please, entertain us 📻

Stylist – Do you love fashion, have swag? Make an artist’s public appearance one to remember

Teacher/Coach – Good with instruments, knowledgeable or good at teaching? Why not help someone else perfect their talent 🎹

Therapist – Are you an advocate of “music heals”? Work with people with all types of problems and make this come true

Tour Manager – Love travelling? Good with logistics? Ensure everything goes smoothly from A to B to C to Z

Music is for everyone but maybe not a career as an artist – share this with someone who needs it.

Words by: RiaRozayy


Giggs Super fan, cultural commentator, writer, presenter and creative writer <3



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