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Queen Lizzy lyrics & UK rap | RIP Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away aged 96 leaving a legacy as the longest-serving monarch, reigning over the British Isles and commonwealth for 70 years.  

That is not, however her only legacy. Over the years UK rappers affectionately refer to Queen Elizabeth as “Lizzy” and are notorious for using her in their lyrics.

Here are 9 UK rap songs that use Queen Elizabeth or “Lizzy” in their lyrics as chosen by our community of UK music enthusiasts. 

1. Central Cee – The Great Escape 

The upbeat track was released on 29 April 2021 and features Harlem Spartan Blanco. 

The duo rap about their come up on the UK Rap scene speaking about the good and bad and of course Queen Elizabeth.

“Lizzy my main concern everything else can wait.”

2. M Huncho – Wish Me Well

The track ‘Wish Me Well’ was released back in 2017 which was included the rappers first EP ‘G3t OUT’ 

 The hit song referenced to money making and included bars about Queen Lizzy. 

“All I’m hearing is blah blah, my LIZZY just died need a charger.”


3. Headie One –  Just Me Just Us

The Drill rapper Headie One is well known for speaking on Queen Lizzy referencing her to being his wife (more on this later) 

He released ‘Just Me Just Us’ in 2018 becoming track 10 on his album ‘The One Two’.

“I was on the trizzy, just me and the Lizzy I know what it’s like reminiscing, just me and a nitty” 


4. Nines ft Tee Supreme – Liz

Nines, a pioneer of UK rap artistry recently, co-signed one of the 9bills® Cloud 9 sessions and judging from the chorus of his track conveniently titled ‘Liz’ must be a royalist.

“You know I will die for the liz”


“I never loved someone so much, I swear Queen Lizzie’s my angel”


AJ Tracey has always paid homage to the sovereign majesty from his early tracks which you can see in our previous Queen Lizzy blog.

He spent a week in LA in 2017 and couldn’t stop thinking about Queen Elizabeth.

Yak in my cup and it’s fizzy, always on the hunt for the lizzy.

UK rap royalty and undoubtedly the best UK rap duo Krept and Konan were using Queen Lizzy lyrics back in 2011! Not surprising when Queen Elizabeth had already been on the throne for 60 years by this point!

“I’m just tryna get this Lizzy in but I ain’t tryna end up in the can like a fizzy drink”

Stay Flee Get Lizzy is a brand who has championed the Queen and the pursuit of the paper notes with her face printed on it since its inception in 2017. The brand has been consistent with its motto and is displayed in our previous blog 

This time enlisting Clavish on ‘Lately’ he confirms he’s down for the cause.

“I get Lizzy and stay flee…”

9. Headie One – Golden boot

In one of the most generation defining tracks in UK Drill Headie One declares his unrelenting, undying love for “his wife” [Queen] Elizabeth. He must have been undoubtedly distraught after her passing.

I’m married to Elizabeth that’s my wife

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