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International Women’s Day: 9 Ladies We Love

International Women’s Day 2021 has arrived, and we at 9bills love nothing but to celebrate women from all backgrounds of music and culture. 

In previous years, we championed our UK fave gals through our 9bills International Women’s Day Party, which saw an all-female lineup of DJ’s, performers, photographers and videographers. Features included DJ Shaxx (@djshaxx_), Whitney Veniya (@whitneyveniya), Yinka Bonkinni @YinkaBonkinni 

This year, we’ve decided to bring our readers 9 of our favourite UK artists; chicks, gals, she/hers, they/them making sonic moves in the world of music, while simultaneously bringing lyrical dexterity to our ears. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

 Amia Brave

Amia Brave is a vocalist leading the way for UK R&B. listeners will know Amia for her Peng Black Girls feature and her recent single Sweet Love single. 

Amia Is a woman who is hardworking and is poised for stardom. Her effortless writing ability is second to none and she’s someone that your favourite artists will be calling for a hook from soon – CJ Edwards 


 Midas the Jagaban 

Your favourite new kid on the block; Midas the Jagaban brings a diasporic jukebox that blends afro-beats/Alte with her own golden “Midas touch”. Equally equipped with her distinct nursery-rhyme-like voice, a talent to watch,  Midas doesn’t allow herself to be boxed into categories from her gender – she’d rather let the music do that talking and boy, is it talking! –  Thandie Sibanda 


“I feel like females are taking over slowly. But one reason I don’t really say I’m a female – it’s bait and everything but – I’d rather just keep it about the music. When you’re putting categories and boxes it just gets long” – Midas the Jagaban for nuprintmag


 Ms Banks 

She might be ferocious when it comes to her rhymes, but Ms Banks is one rapper who’s not afraid to take women to the top with her. In an age of diss tracks and fabricated beefs, lacing her grit with grace is what truly sets this South London hip-hop star apart from the rest.

Ms Banks has proved herself to be one of the top female rappers in the UK. Her delivery and bars are consistent in every tune and feature she is on. Making her one of the most exciting leading ladies to come out of the UK. Big up Ms Banks! – Micah 



 26-year-old, South London rapper, Enny. She doesn’t have a massive portfolio to listen to, but refreshingly, it is quality over quantity. She released her debut single, He’s Not into You in April 2020, a jazzy yet chilled flow breaking the harsh reality of unacquitted love. Peng Black Girls is the single that really presented Enny as a musical entity to the rest of the country. 

Enny was featured on the Colours Studios showcasing her latest track Nu Normal. It is only the beginning of 2021 for the young star, it is exciting to imagine her prospect. – Hiba Hassan



Reigning from South-East London Shaybo has been on everyone’s radar since 2010, her core fanbase would remember her in her teen years rapping in the streets of Lewisham, South East London. She first made her mark by releasing a freestyle on behalf of Heavyweight Records on Youtube which went viral.

 Self-proclaimed Queen of the South, Shaybo carries a flow that isn’t easily matched. Often intertwining her Nigerian Yoruba roots into her raps,  sis carries herself perfectly. The Femme-powerhouse has certainly come up since her early days; what’s maintained is the talent, all hail Shaybo! – Thandie Sibanda 



Perhaps one of my favourite R&B girls, simply from vocals and an impeccable pen. Equipped with the most beautiful one-liners, a way with words and a clear love for her craft; Bellah is clearly in her own lane. When I talk of the revival of R&B in the UK from 2020, Bellah leads the crowd with an iron fist – Thandie Sibanda 

“The base of what I make is r&b. That’s where my heart is. That’s where I grew up listening to. But I’m a child of the diaspora. I love Afro beats. I love alternative music. I love singer-songwriter type music. So if you get those vibes in my songs, Don’t say I didn’t tell you I wasn’t gonna do that guys. I definitely said I was gonna do it”


 Jorja Smith 

Boasting an eccentric persona and amazing voice, the Walsall born singer has won the hearts of many around the world. Jorja’s talents have given her the opportunity to work with Drake and Burna boy, and at only 23, there is a high chance to she could become one of the best to come out of the U.K. – John-Mark Collymore

Ivorian Doll

Excelling into her career unleashing hit singles ‘Rumours’ and ‘Body Bag’, rising star Ivorian Doll consistently showcases her unique artistry as a leading female in the UK music scene. Expressively displaying her versatility through the sound of drill, IVD’s increasingly admired and inviting aura, only emphasises her evident talent and capabilities as a popular rapper – Casey Dorney 


Tiana Blake 

Launching into the scene with a highly approved single ‘Cut Ties’, Tiana Blake effortlessly delivers alluring vocals allowing audiences to indulge in her captivating melodies. Her ability to construct emotive heart-felt lyricism resonates with the genre of R&B as she effortlessly progresses her art as a rising artist. – Casey Dorney

With so many more bad B’s leading the way in their sector,  we have dedicated our 9bills Leading Ladies playlist to our favourites from any and every genre 

Thandie Sibanda



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