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Thandie Talks: Amia Brave talks self confidence and her latest single Young and Misguided | @AmiaBrave



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“a brave soldier”

Up-coming singer, songwriter Amia Brave is sailing the flag for UK R&B while discovering herself as an artist. To shed light on Mental Health Awareness Week, this piece is relevant in explaining how the new-comer balances her mental health and self-care as she begins her journey into self-confidence. 

Meet Amia Brave. Brave by name, but like all things in life, it took a process of spiritual and mental steps to prepare this artist for that title. In a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of way, Amia has manifested the “real her” via a series of self-love manuvers.

Born and raised in the South-east of London with Nigerian heritage, her unique tone and soothing sound is what makes this 25- year-old so memorable.

Her music is coloured by her heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies. Her debut single Young and Misguided, which was released last month, was written 5 years ago in her university dorm yet still resonates with her listeners today.

The song began with the thought of uni and the lifestyle. With relationships I slowly began to think “why am I in such a rush?”. Why am I in such a rush to be married, to be in a relationship?. We’re young at the moment and it’s ok to not know.

What keeps you engaged, particularly at a time when social distancing is enforced and you can’t be in large spaces, how do you keep your eye on productivity?

If I constantly remind myself where I’d like to be, constantly feeding my mind with what’s happening and what I want it to be like. Often when I study other people it will keep me engaged – at the same time its entertaining. That’s what sort of person I am, I want to see the workings behind the entertainment, and that’s what keeps me engaged.

How do you stand out from most R&B singers in the UK?

Since I was young I always knew I had a unique voice so I know I’m unique. Also the way I write, very simple at times but a lot of story telling. I guess with R&b there is always an idea that it’s all love songs – not with me- I have a lot of songs in the volt.

What’s the ultimate goal?

Everything for me, since January, has made me proud. I was the most  insecure and unconfident person in the world. I couldn’t put a video of myself singing out there. For me (forget all the signing) its about ticking off boxes for myself and particular smaller goals ticked – again for myself. Of course, ultimate accolades is the Grammy’s but small goals first- those tiny wins. 

“I wrote that song 5 years ago, it took a lot of development for me to say: I am dope, I can write, I can sing – I’ll put this out”

Let’s talk music videos (post-COVID of course) could you share your mood board?

I’m very much into nostalgic things so putting out content related to black people [during different eras]. I’m into the 50s vibe and 60s, and you can see that from my cover.

Also, an EP so right now I’ve been talking to my producer  about how I’d like to incorporate parts of my life for example [growing up taking part in a lot of theatre] I want to mould all these things as one form of art.

“Confidence is a mentality. You have to be fearless and that can take time”

Confidence is a mentality. You have to be fearless and that can take time. You have to work out what’s stopping you, and more time its your own hindrances, your thoughts, and your perspective.  I do a lot of that and resolve it through soul searching and praying to figure everything out.

How do you align your energy?

I am not a burning sage girl, I pray. I find talking to friends and family to vent – I’m the queen of venting. I focus on everything outside of the music.

Young and Misguided is the first of many chapters in Amia’s book, she is definitely one to watch


Listen to Amia’s new single on our 9bills Spotify Playlist

Words by @ThandieTalkss

Thandie Sibanda



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