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When early 00’s pioneers like Wiley and Dizzee first started mashing together fuzzy synths and skittering hi-hats to concoct what became known as ‘grime’ music, they might not have anticipated the sound surviving for over two decades. There have been highs and lows, as well as constantly re-hashed debates about whether “grime music is dead”. Admittedly, in 2023, with grime’s mainstream popularity far surpassed by other forms of UK rap and drill, the genre’s critics do have a point. However, there are a number of artists who continue pushing the grime music sound and debunk the myth of grime being “dead” as nonsense and of course, live sets remain the bedrock of the movement.

In this blog post, we’ll shine a light on a few recent live sets that prove grime music is still very much alive, kicking and snaring. 


Oblig Christmas Showcase 2022 w/ Sox, Buggsy, Jafro, Micofcourse, K9, M.I.C, Kibo, Crafty 893 + more 


Released at the back end of 2022, this festive freestyle released on Oblig’s YouTube channel showcases some of the most talented MCs in the game right now. When Jaykae described his former Invasion Alert crew member Sox as “the best MC technically I’ve ever met”, he wasn’t joking, and this show sees the Brum rapper at his finest. Shelling down alongside a raft of fellow wordsmiths from across the UK, his flows are impeccable, and bars like “Run the track / There’s a grime scene monster back from the past” mark a heavy return for the ‘Brum to Ibiza’ creator. 


Rinse x Call of Duty Vanguard Launch: Silencer with D Double E, P Money, Dapz on the Map + more 


It might surprise some, but Call of Duty have helped put on some big grime events in the last few years. Just over a year ago, the Vanguard launch party saw some of the scene’s most established names hit the mic with power and precision. London grime music vets like D Double E and P Money were fiery as ever, and Brum town innovator Dapz on the Map added his calm, clinical style to what became a potent live mix.


Pyro Radio – Kirby T with JME, Discarda, Tommy B + more


Discarda and JME: two legends in the game. This set on Pyro Radio came out in 2020, and it features some typically hard barring from a collection of MCs that have proven their worth over countless years. Kirby T’s mixing is fluid, while schemes like Discarda’s “C.A.N.N.O.N” smash through like bulldozers. In his words, “I’ve been about for ages now” – let’s hope that doesn’t change. 


Sir Spyro with Manga St Hilare, Roachee, Novelist, Lioness + more 


Former Roll Deep member Manga St Hilare consistently reps for grime, his annual releases highlighting his commitment to sustaining the sound. Aided by younger heads like Novelist and Lioness, his performance on this 2021 Spyro set shows what he’s all about: clever wordplay, composed delivery, and above all, pure enjoyment of the live atmosphere in all its glory. 


SLSA Anniversary Set w/ GRANDMIXXER, Mez & Duppy 


We’re wrapping up with a duo that never miss – Grandmixxer and Mez. The London DJ/producer and Nottingham MC have delivered an abundance of deadly shows over the years, and this recent team-up with versatile Londoner Duppy is the most recent. Performed on underground grime label South London Space Agency in November, it’s a testament to the continued skill of grime loyalists like Grandmixxer and Mez. 



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