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Women in Music Killin’ It – PART 1

In a male dominated industry it’s easy for women in music to stick out as they don’t look like everyone else, but it’s just as easy to be overlooked because… they don’t look like everyone else.

Welcome to the 9bills Floristry, we’ve got a lot of flower giving to do.

Kaylee Golding

Birmingham’s finest Kaylee, is an absolutely fabulous award-winning Presenter and DJ who has interviewed more people than you could ever think of. Artists across the globe to influencers to various celebrities, you name it, she’s spoken to them and shown us a side to them we seldom get to see.

Kaylee’s work rate is crazy! Over the last four years she’s featured on numerous platforms: BBC 1xtra, BBC Radio 1, Capital Xtra, Reprezent, GRL GNG, The Beat London, Pride, No Signal, Kiss FM and many more! The grind is absolutely real and we can only look forward to all the things she will be getting up to in years to come.

Henrie The 8th

I know 90% of us thought ‘VIII’ was for decoration until Henrie spelled out that it was Roman numerals, duhh. As if the grey/blonde hair isn’t a statement already, her @ adds even more legendary status to the revered whimsical DJ, Presenter and Content Creator.

If she isn’t making us cackle with her funny short vids across social media, Henrie is on Spotify’s ‘Who We Be TALKS_’ interviewing the greats of our time, bringing the banter on ‘No Signal’ or putting her stamp on Kiss FM. Henrie has also formed her own production company ‘HTK’, her most recent project being ‘Untold Stories’ where she lets us in to diverse areas of other people’s lives.


An undeniable ear and eye for music, DJ and CEO Esi made her unique mark in the industry with her own company ‘Sanctuary LDN’. Her creative agency has curated events and provided successful marketing campaigns for A-list artists, contributing to their charting success. Coming from a grass-roots foundation, Esi is truly self-made and is constantly updating her legacy.

You can catch Esi hosting and holding a vibe on the decks for Mixtape Madness’ Succession Freestyles or at her formerly Westside now Kiss Fresh residency. Sanctuary LDN also goes live on No Signal. Now that outside is pretty much back open, we are positive that Esi and her brand will reach astronomical heights.

M Lavontelle

Presenter Mosique Lavontelle is not just pleasing to the eye, but also pleasing to the ear. Lavontelle has hosted numerous live events; ranging from red carpets, festivals, listening parties and shows. She has also led a variety of interviews with famous actors and artists, it is easy to get confused with who the star is.

Lavontelle has featured on Link Up TV, No Signal, The Beat London. Much recently, she has made a well-calculated risk conducting luxury car interviews on platform ‘LDNLUX Entertainment’, something different! Lavontelle also creates her own content on YouTube consisting of vlogs and more interviews, not to forget, she gives us life on IG.

Tiffany Calver

If you’ve been to a Drake or Fredo concert, you know Tiffany stays playing and bringing out the best of the best. Consistently giving artists a platform to showcase their talent, DJ and Presenter Tiffany Calver has been a longstanding public figure of the industry.

Tiffany has somehow been a plug in the process of everything she does – whether it be curating her own events ‘Tiffany Calver & Friends’, DJing at other events or festivals like Wireless and Lovebox, or on her 1xtra residency. Tiffany Calver is a household name and she is loved by the greats.

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Giggs Super fan, cultural commentator, writer, presenter and creative writer <3



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