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There’s so much music out there nowadays, it’s so hard to decide what new releases you want to listen to, especially around Valentine’s when everyone’s trying to push out their new love related releases.

We know for a fact that you’re missing out on some gems so don’t worry, we’ve created a shortlist for you below.

If you’re not celebrating V’Day…

Fekky ft Haile – Heavy Heavy

Drafting the prince of hooks AKA Haile (WSTRN), the pair have created a grown and swanky track that’s enriched with rich, feel-good energy. Fekky is currently gearing up for the release of his ‘Red Wine’ EP and ‘Heavy Heavy’ is the first track from it. We are looking forward to a new Fekky project, it’s been a minute.

If you are or with a black queen…

Stoney – Melanin

Tight flows on a serenading guitar, Stoney soothingly yet assertively, reminds listeners of how much awe they should be in of melanated women. Their flexibility with their hair, their stunning bodies, the way they light up life, the way the world tries to mimic them, how they’re misunderstood, “about mean, you’re just dominant”, there is always something to be celebrated about them.

If you want to skip right to the naughty part of the night…

Nizzy ft Niels – Flex

Nizzy wastes no time, leading in with “Girl I’ma break your back”, the kind of casualties we like to hear on a day like this. Sneaky link or well established couple, you’d be a fool not to indulge with this caressing jam.

If you’re fed up…

Cyan – DWYW 

You know when someone you’re involved in tells you to “do what you want”, it’s basically over unless you do the impossible to fix it. For those that are in this space, this song is actually quite cathartic and the melody is unexpectedly uplifting, so if you decide to choose yourself today, skip the melancholy.

If you’re feeling all alone…

Mina Lioness feat. Jam – Make Dua

Vulnerability, anxiety and angst. The world is big on us loving ourselves and setting the standard inwardly first, so that others know our boundaries and how to treat us. If you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, you’re not alone. Sit back and priotise the feelings you are dealing with one at a time, watch how Mina does this in her visual vlog, cleverly in place of a typical music video.

If you like our selection of newbies above, check out our blog post on 5 UK R&B and 5 UK Rap songs we think you should add to your playlist! If you cba, use ours below 🙂


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