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4 Iconic Times Jorja Smith Collaborated with Rappers | @jorjasmith

Jorja Smith poses for a close up. Photo credits: Sirius Film

Jorja Smith, the soulful British songstress, has quickly ascended the ranks to become one of the UK’s most recognisable voices. Her buttery vocals and emotive lyrics mesh seamlessly with various genres, but it’s her collaborations with rappers that often capture the spotlight. Let’s take a look at some memorable moments when Jorja Smith teamed up with rap’s finest. If you aren’t lucky enough to have Jorja Smith tickets 2023 then don’t worry, you can experience it virtually through @9bills insta stories on Oct 7 &  Oct 14th.

Enny ft. Jorja Smith – Peng Black Girls Remix

A standout collaboration that showcases Jorja’s versatility is her feature on the remix of Enny’s ‘Peng Black Girls.’ The song, a beautiful homage to black women’s diversity and beauty, becomes even more resonant with Jorja’s contribution. Their lyrical camaraderie offers a soulful celebration of identity and empowerment. The laid-back rhythm, combined with Jorja’s melodic refrain and Enny’s heartfelt verses, creates a track that’s both poignant and catchy.

Jorja Smith & Drake – Get It Together

When Jorja Smith collaborates with one of the biggest names in the rap game, magic is bound to happen. Featured on Drake’s ‘More Life’ playlist project, ‘Get It Together’ is a laid-back tune reminiscent of late-night vibes. Jorja’s sultry voice complements the understated house-inspired beat, with Drake providing his signature touch. The collaboration introduced Jorja to a broader international audience and solidified her status as a rising star.

Jorja Smith & J Hus – Nice Body

On the enchanting track ‘Nice Body’, Jorja Smith and J Hus demonstrate an impeccable musical synergy. Their interplay is truly a highlight, with both artists seamlessly trading lyrics centred around mental stimulation, wrapped in the song’s sultry ambience. Jorja’s velvety voice complements J Hus’s rhythmic cadence, making the collaboration an evocative blend of sensuality and lyricism. Their ability to dive deep into themes of connection and intrigue while keeping listeners hooked to the melody showcases the depth of their combined artistry.

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Jorja Smith & Giggs – ‘I’m Workin’

When Jorja Smith teams up with the UK rap heavyweight Giggs, the result is nothing short of mesmerizing. “I’m Workin'” is a testament to this dynamism. The track melds Giggs’ distinct deep-toned delivery with Jorja’s silky-smooth vocals, creating a blend that’s both gritty and ethereal. Their mutual respect for their craft is evident as they weave their respective styles into a narrative about persistence and grind. This collaboration not only underscores Jorja’s adaptability but also celebrates the cross-genre fluidity of UK’s music scene.

Jorja Smith’s new album ‘Falling or Flying’ is out now. Check it out below


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