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“Tion Wayne is Top 5 in the UK”- Lets discuss | @TIONWAYNE

Has Tion Wayne secured his place on our favourites list?

I recently found this tweet that immediately made me ponder on the decision of bringing this sort of energy to the timeline. Just a while back Twitter would have had ya girl cancelled if I dared to utter these words. However, I somewhat see the angle this could go and why. If one is to look at the UK music portfolio of 2019, so far one name continues to come to mind…..TION WAYNE.

Yes, I’m ready to address how some of our faves have failed to deliver a summer anthem and yet Tion has made a consistent feature on the charts since last year. While we’ve fed each other false likelihood of someone else bringing the heat, we’ve slept on Tion’s portifolio. In the surreal world of UK chart music, there is a line of artists waiting to enter the club. In this particular instance, Tion knew the DJ and took the backdoor.

Please stop, and understand the circumstances, From NSG to Swarmz right back around to Russ – When’s his feature with Armz Korleone?.

armz_korleone on instagram with Tion Wayne and One Acen

Tion’s stance on the UK rap game is the stance of the child who was cool with everyone in the school. Versatility is key, and while he hasn’t sung a hook you can’t deny he deserved a few spuds for his stint in Keisha and Becky.


To conclude my point, TW’s key to his success could either be friendships or genuine work ethic that has landed him as the feature king of 2019. That being said, he has also teased ‘Wayne’s World 3’. Do we have high expectations for the album? yes. perhaps


Moving forward, all accolades go to this feature king, whose verses and distinctive tone of voice may be coming to a streaming service near you. Artists, if you too play your role then maybe you too, can roll with T. ( See what I did there?)


Thandie Sibanda



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