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The Best From Brum? 12omo (Romo) – Conscious Album Review | @12omo_

Ayyyy! We’re back in the building. I hope everyone is enjoying the new wave of freedom we’ve been offered, but if you’re still sat at home with not much to do, I’ve got the perfect piece for you to cast your eyes upon.

This post is all about Birmingham born and bred artist AND producer, 12omo. Having evolved and rebranded a couple times, we’ve seen this eclectic artist bounce through phases of artistry under the names of ‘Romo’ and ‘SPTMBR-8TH’, releasing music consistently through-out.

His alias ‘Romo’ was active between 2007 to 2013, and held a rallying release schedule which saw the likes of several EP’s, such as ‘Jam Your Hype Promo’, and the intertwining mixtape ‘Jam Your Hype Mixtape (Revised)’. These projects featured popular artists such as Wiley, Swindle and Dot Rotten, and captivated the ears at BBC 1XTRA and BBC 6 Music. His secondary character ‘SPTMBR-8TH’ dropped a solid EP titled ‘Virgo’, released under the London-based record label Trapdoor Records, and reached brilliant heights of success, securing over 100K SoundCloud plays.

Now crafting under the name ‘12omo’, this Brummy lad has opened the door to multiple genres, with his House/UKG EP ‘Weekender’, R&B/TrapSoul track ‘Infinite’, and more recently a few Grime/Rap tracks, ‘Bound To Be Great’ and ‘Apollo’.

Coming from such a long line of brilliant releases, 12omo has wasted no time in debuting his brand new *self-produced* album ‘Conscious’. This 17-track album dips in and out of a variety of sounds, bringing us styles derived from Grime, UKG, Dancehall, and Hip-Hop.

Let’s have a gander at a couple of the tracks, shall we?

The opening track, Words On My Mind

…is a wonderfully smooth introduction to this body of work. The noticeable Brummy aspects of his accent intertwines perfectly with his tone of voice, almost expressing a certain Ghetts vibe. This song is internally expressive, with 12omo walking through his background and specific teenage-hood aspects that built him to be the man he is today. Quick metaphors and his solid flow helps build upon the multiple layers of this track, giving so much for the listeners to absorb.

Track two, September F12eestyle

…has dark undertones, delving into the deeper subject of his love life, whether true or metaphorical. The first few opening verses greets taboo topics with a warm handshake, and 12omo has the correct skillset to deliver these hard-hitting conversations via his music. Speaking on his friends, burned bridges, learned lessons, and so much more, this track truly shows how talented and open this artist is.

Track three, Didn’t Work Out (Remix)

…is a heavy bass-filled riddim, opened with a quick sample and carried by a catchy hook, whilst track four, Rapson Interlude, kicks it back for a hot sec and delivers a cool, boom-bappy vibe that is ridden with excellence, showing how 12omo can quickly swap his styles to suit any instrumental and mood.

Track five, Lone Wolf

…highlights the laid back effortless style of 12omo, waving perfectly over the hypnotic instrumental.

Track six, Girl

continues this vibe and nods to his cockiness of his success and how far he’s come, performed over a sweet jazzy type beat that is like liquid gold upon your eardrums.

Track seven, Do You

is a WHOLE new vibe, where we finally hear the sugary harmonies and gorgeous singing voice hidden inside 12omo. Matched with his deep tone and smooth-like-butter flow, it’s a stupendous collaboration with himself. This 100% could be a *drink by yourself when sad and reminiscing* type vibe, and I’m here for it.

Track eight, Infinite (V2)

has a nice Drake-vibe, accentuating his singing voice and truly parading it for the masses. The all-singing track breaks up the consistency of rapping used through-out the first few tracks, showing that 12omo can do one, or the other, or both, and still smash it.

Track nine, Smooth

is a super bad boy vibe, one that needs to be paired with sun, cocktails and a lil boogie in the dance. This could easily be a summer anthem, one that would suit every type of listener, from the Pop-lover, to the Garage-head, to the Grime-nerd… it’s damn good stuff.

Track ten, This Time

…continues that summery vibe and touches on a whole load of genres all combined and mashed into one absolute banger.

Track eleven, Di Fam (Grateful)

…brings the vibe ever so slightly back down and creates more of a swaying, softer atmosphere.

Track twelve, The Honour Interlude

…is 1 minute and 23 seconds of some pure Grimey fire. With a cut-throat flow and a unique rhyming structure, you can’t stop yourself from bussing one two gun fingers.

Track thirteen, Apollo

…knows better than to switch up the vibe, and carries on that well-needed Grime flavouring, with an old school sampled instrumental and clever structuring through-out. There’s a couple reaaaally catchy flows hidden away in this song, and hearing them for the first time is like finding a sick Easter egg in your favourite PS game.

Track fourteen, Lamb Neck Soup

nods again to his upbringing within a brutal Grime style, and has a beautiful matching visual which can be found on 12omo’s own YouTube channel.

Track fifteen, Sister Dawkins’ Skit

Is a quirky skit which does the job of breaking up the album’s structure nicely and adding an extra level to what has already been played.

Track sixteen, Bound To Be Great

…is a beautiful motivational tune that recognises how talented and special 12omo is. Being able to see and appreciate your own greatness is so powerful, and this artist has that in the bag and knows how to use it to his advantage.

The final track, Words Off My Chest

…closes the album in a very intelligent way, showing his emotional and mental growth from the very first track presented. The choir samples tucked away in the instrumental adds a level of innocence, quickly juxtaposed by the booming Grimey horns that quickly entrance and exit before you even know it.

This album takes you through a whirlwind of topics, emotions and genres, resulting in a perfectly put together body of work and piece of art. The consistent use of samples, real life and recorded, gives you an insight to 12omo’s day-to-day life and the people he is connected with, giving a really special personal touch on his art. His ability to chop and change between genres and styles as an artist is incredibly important, but his ability to do this also as a producer shows just how high the level he’s on.

This album is available for streaming and download now via all major digital platforms, after dropping via Distrokid on June 26th 2020. The touching project has been praised by Trench Mag, GRM Daily and many more platforms, giving 12omo the compliments and accolades he deserves.

Follow 12omo on social media and let us know in the comments what you thought of the album!

Words by: @MizMedia_


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