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4 clashes that shook the scene

In recent weeks, the international rap scene has witnessed some of its most historic moments, with Kendrick Lamar and Drake dividing the landscape, prompting leading artists worldwide to challenge each other. In light of this, it’s fitting to revisit some of the greatest clashes in grime and their lasting impact on the scene.

Wiley Vs Kano

Kano and Wiley had one of the most memorable moments on Lord Of The Mics. At the time, they were both leading figures in the rapidly growing grime scene. As East London MCs from the Roll Deep and N.A.S.T.Y crews, respectively, they have both gone on to have highly impactful careers. This is one of the moments that proved their individual skill and artistry in one of the best displays grime has ever seen.

Chip Vs Bugzy Malone

This clash marked the moment the North made its mark on the scene, arguably nationalizing the genre. Their consistent back-and-forth diss tracks, from ‘Relegation Riddim’ to ‘Light Work’, showcased some of the best lyrical displays from the UK. The attention this clash gave both artists boosted their sales and set them up for further commercial success.

Dizzee Rascal Vs Crazy Titch

In the early 2000s, Crazy Titch and Dizzee Rascal had multiple clashes that defined the passion and intensity of grime. Their rivalry peaked with tracks like ‘Round We Go’ by Dizzee and ‘Just An Arsehole’ by Crazy Titch. Dizzee went on to make grime mainstream and garnering the attention of the entirety of the British music scene when he won the Mercury Prize for Boy in Da Corner.

Skepta Vs Devilman

Lord Of The Mics once again bought another memorable battle but this time between Birmingham’s Devilman and North London’s Skepta. The aggression in this clash is what makes it so memorable, and one of the many reasons Skepta is on a pedestal amongst many of the UK’s best lyricists. This clash significantly boosted both of these artists’ profiles, making it a great part of history to look back on for the both of them.

James Woodham

Journalism student with a heavy focus on music



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