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Thandie Talks: Introducing the new Paxe |@paxemusicc

Paxe is the new name. If no one had caught on. following a name dispute with a Manchester-based band, the new name Paxe symbolises a new artist with the same sound. Earlier this week, Paxe – formally Pins – released his first single since introducing fans to his new title. I was intrigued to see if the new single would play well enough for us to actually remember him…

At just 20 years of age, Paxe is the freshman in the talent bucket we call the UK music scene. While I knew him from Naija pt 2, others knew him for his outspoken self on Twitter. The boy is passionate about his music, and social change – as many of his fans saw during the recent surge in the Black Lives Matter movement. Showing his commitment to his beliefs and the future of Black people universally, like most artists, Paxe held off from releasing his latest single ‘I’m On’

So what’s he on you ask? Since changing his name the 20-year-old says a new name comes with a  new sound and a chance to experiment.

Music is an outlet of emotion. I think a lot of my friend’s stories, my friends motivate me and inspire me. If they’re going through something, then music is something that I can use to respond to emotions. I’m not making music for people though, I’m doing that for myself. I used to mentor children before the pandemic and they never knew who I was, the majority of people my age don’t know good music – they’re lacking. If anything I make music for people that are older then me. When I’m making music I think, this is cool, but how can I make this older? You’ll catch the younger listening to Blueface but you won’t catch 25 and older doing- and that’s nothing against Blueface. I found those people having stable jobs, they pay for streaming services and every month; the young g’s don’t. I prefer to be mature and follow older people and let all the younger people know how to move correctly. 

The majority of people my age don’t know good music – they’re lacking. If anything I make music for people that are older then me.

Let’s talk heritage, the common misconception is that you’re Nigerian?

Because of Naija Pt 2. I always get Nigerian or Ghanian. I’m half Sierra Leonean, that’s from my mums, then my dad is half Zimbabwean and South African. 

I plan on going to Soweto at a stage, maybe in the next 4-5 years, and having a hiatus in my career and venture back into my roots. I want to go and learn to tap int their harmonies and melodies for my own music at some stage. The whole Amapiano thing – I want to tap into that. When you think of African music its always Nigeria;  South Africa has a lot to offer. 

Is this the final name change?

Yes, that’s the permanent name. This is the name we need to trademark or copyright. The new name means new sound – we’re rapping now.  There will be no music videos because of the current “air war” and it’s slightly too early for an album. We’ll carry on releasing throughout this year and then next year we’ll see how things land.

“Music is an outlet of emotion.”


Tell me about your sound?

I grew up listening to everything around me. My sister is a talent, she used to play a lot of Miles Davis. She plays the trumpet and she’s going on to be one of the leading Black female jazz musicians. She goes by the name of  Sheila Maurice-Grey and she leads bands. If it wasn’t for her my appreciation for music would be completely different. 

Once every so often, I’ll leave my playlists and try Spotify radio. It’s a very tricky time in the industry because no one is releasing anything that’s amazing. I think its due to COVID, a lot of artists have tried to capitalise on it and I think its because of that, that they’ve rushed. You [ end up with ]half-hearted projects. I don’t condemn them for that, but this period was interesting 

Why did you choose to backdate the sound?

Because of Black Lives Matter. It wasn’t the time to be selfish. With the name change, the process delayed me – Every week I’m pushing back is another week people are losing interest. It was time [for the next step]. 


Catch Paxe’s new song ‘I’m On’ on our 9bills Spotify Playlist. 


Words by @thandietweetss



Thandie Sibanda



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