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Thandie Talks : Monique Lawz Talks Lip Gloss, US writers and What It Takes For A Collab With Her

Can you keep up with the force of Monique Lawz? UK music’s latest vixen, Lawz is an incredibly glamorous addition to the scene but there is evidently more to this vocalist. While her genre has been described as Dance/ Electronic, Monique has proven to be a versatile artist, particularly in her latest single Worth It ft. Wiley.

Albeit, you may recognise Lawz from her Instagram which dons epic pictures of the artist in colourful wigs and all your Fashion Nova faves, but surely there has to be more to Lawz other than her vixen energy and 22.6K followers.
I caught up with Monique to get-to-know the “more” behind miss Lawz, and what’s not a better time than during lockdown due to a global pandemic?.

I’m a family girl and I’m currently quarantined with my family so it’s a bit of a party.
I’m using this time to get right, I’m eating healthier, I’ve been doing Insanity – which I wouldn’t normally do. I’m using this thing as a wellness retreat.

Who is Monique?

Real good vibes, I’m dramatic, I love colours, I love excitement, even if it’s a slow-down song you’re gonna get some drama in there and you’re really going to feel it with me.

I always get asked who inspires me, and I don’t think there is one real person. I just think I take little from everyone. When I was young I used to listen to my grandma’s music and my mums. I’m from Jamaican descent, so it wasn’t only RnB it was Dancehall, Country music so I guess I’m just one big mashup of everything around me.

“I’m just one big mash-up if everything around me”

When I’m in work mode I don’t listen to anybody, I’m always in the studio, head down, focusing on creating. I don’t remember the last time I listened to the radio. The PND album just dropped and that was a need-to-know basis, so I listened to that.

So, you’re pretty stylish and at a time like this, it’s hard to maintain the look right? What’s your one go-to item?

Lip-gloss is the item I’d keep if I could only have one. I feel like it can easily take you from 5 to a 10. If your lips are glossy – you’re fine.

Monique describes herself as a fun loving individual that’s always keen to work with new artists, regardless of genre. She notes a mutual love of both UK and US writers, producers and singers. When exploring her latest anthem, Lawz travelled to LA to record and write and hopes to do more of this after lockdown. For now, she says she is willing to accept a break in creativity.

I don’t force the issue. I’ve spoken to a lot of creatives and my advice has been don’t force the issue. Yes, it’s a shock to the daily routine, no one knows how long it’ll last – but just chill. Let’s make sure our minds are right and our bodies are correct first. That’s how I’ve been approaching the whole thing. I’m just here to enjoy my family and everyone in this crazy house.

“Let’s make sure our minds are right and our bodies are correct first”

I recorded Worth It in LA with a producer called Zen, he’s worked with the likes of Meek Mill and Lil Wayne. I also wrote with a writer called Sydney. Then I bought it back in London and my manager heard it and he just really liked the vibe, so we agreed that was the right song to go with for my career – and Wiley sounded good for it.

I love talent, I’m not really one of those people that looks at what someone has done. I’m more, let’s hear their vibe, if I like it – then lets work.

There is tonnes of people I’m yet to work with, here and the states.

And your current UK faves?

I’ve been working with Ray Blk a lot. We sound so similar. When we record we sound so similar, you can’t tell who’s who? So I’d love to put out a project with her.

I’d love to work with Chip, I think he’s incredible, I’ve loved him since his first project. Like I said, I want to work with everyone. I love good vibes, and If you don’t have good vibes you’re not gonna create – it’ll be stiff we don’t like stiff sessions.

So, what’s next for Monique Lawz?

The cliché answer is world domination, I see myself as a brand. I do the writing and i learnt how to produce in college and I

Performance wise, I love performing. Everyone’s doing Insta Live – so there is always a way!

Words by @smbtxo

Thandie Sibanda



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