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Stay Flee Get Lizzy aligns the stars for new album | @sincerelizzy

Stay Flee get Lizzy released their album Stars Aligned on March 1, featuring some of the biggest names in rap, from the likes of Central Cee and Knucks to Tamera and Kwengface.

The lead single ‘In Love With The Lizzy’ featuring two of South London’s heaviest hitters, Youngs Teflon and Tiny Boost, perfectly opened up the album. Their collaborative tape Purple Hearts dropped in 2023, and it proves front to back that this dynamic duo can really set the mood for a quality rap project. Their ability to flow on old-school beats keeps something that should feel nostalgic feeling fresh and modern every listen.

The production house drip-fed us with singles released individually before the release of the album, giving fans a taste of what was to come. Fredo and Central Cee’s ‘Meant To Be’ came first out of many. Cityboymoe, Nemzz, Lancey Foux and Clavish then had all their singles released over a wide span of time. 

Stay Flee Get Lizzy pride themselves on helping up-and-coming artists collaborate with artists already solidified in the scene, making all of their releases so impactful. More importantly, however, they consistently put great talent on the map and make sure they stay there with great exposure and music. 

Stars Aligned perfectly puts talent from different generations next to each other. The album feels like a celebratory melting pot of UK rap and collaboration. The scene has come far over the years. Artists from all over have featured alongside each other more often in the last few years than they ever used to. Knucks and Nemzzz team up on ‘No Refunds’ to show what can be done when two artists from different cities link up.

Overall, the album was great. Stay Flee Get Lizzy provided an artist-first approach to the production, putting artists together on beats that serve them best, keeping the art true to everyone involved. For which Sincere must be commended.

Stars Aligned is out now!

James Woodham

Journalism student with a heavy focus on music



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