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Scribz Riley releases Debut EP ‘Wish Me Luck | The Verdict


Scribz Riley, Grammy award-winning producer turned artist has finally released his debut EP ‘Wish Me Luck’ – I myself first stumbled across Scribz earlier this year when he dropped the phenomenal track ‘East Side’. Wish Me Luck stands as an emotional rollercoaster of Scribz’s love life as he speaks on relationship struggles and explores the emotions that come with this.

The Positives

On My Sleeve’ begins with some wonderful croons and hard-hitting drums and vibrant production from Scribz. He talks about how this woman has changed her approach to him as he has now changed upon given his success and no longer wears the heart on his sleeve. Kaash Paige, US singer, adds a bouncy verse which seems to inject more adrenaline into the track thus carrying the track over nicely into its second half.

‘Introduce Myself’ is a fitting title, as it features Riley’s label mates KWN (pronounced K-One) and JADA. The latter has a Jhene Aiko-esque vibe to her vocals whilst KWN provides smooth inflexions on her verse and the chorus. Usually, I find three singers on one track can come off very clunky and unnatural however these three have evident chemistry and all have a fair amount of time to show off their skills. 

Dim My Light ft. 6LACK‘ (Pronounced BLACK) shows Scribz venting about haters trying to prevent his inevitable success, he is a lot more aggressive on here than anywhere else in this project and even gives us a big flex of his achievements stating that he has “never been to the MOBOs”, however, he has won Grammys. 

6LACK delivers on his opening verse essentially providing the perfect assist for Scribz to go off. ‘Dim My Light’ is a lot darker than the rest of the tracklist not only in the message but also the production as this samples. In this track, we hear Snoh Aalegra’sWOAH’ from her 2018 ‘Ugh, those feels again’ album. Can we get more Scribz Riley X 6LACK in the future?

I lied (Part 1)’ although only standing at a minute long is so powerful, Scribz clarity and ownership in this track is truly beautiful and pulls at the heartstrings. He has made us aware that ‘Part 2’ was too emotional for this tape but we will see it in the future.

Scribz Promising that Part 2 is coming very soon…

Secretly’ is the final ode to his former lover. Once again, the production is beautiful as it is very light and the chirping of birds in the background adds to the weight of what’s coming next. This track has a strange duality. As on a first listen it seems like a clammer to rekindle the love they once shared. However, from a deeper perspective acts as a final chapter on their love and a goodbye track. He confesses to a lot on this to the point as though I felt I experienced it first hand. 

Eastside’, ‘Impress Me’ & ‘Mandy’ all fit on this project well and still sound as great as they did upon first listen, THIS IS QUALITY MUSIC

The Negatives

The only real negatives I can pick out from this project is the track ‘Used to This’. I wasn’t really a fan of the futuristic production or the songwriting on this track – I can see what Scribz is trying to do on this track though. This song will definitely be somebodies favourite, it just isn’t mine. 

My other gripe with the project is strange. Although I knew going into the tape it was branded as an EP, but I’d have liked for it to be longer – Am I being too harsh? The tape smoothly breezes by and just clocks over 29 minutes which is excellent for a first full project. Could we get 40-50 mins of material on the next release?

Conclusion – Is UK RnB about to make a comeback? 

I think Scribz doesn’t realise the importance of this project, he has made it acceptable to be as open & emotional, which the UK hasn’t seen since the likes of Craig David or Lemar. 

It’s no secret that the UK Music scene is currently dominated by Drill and Afrobeat inspired music. UK RnB is currently waiting for its moment to come out of the shadows, I believe with strong leaders creating quality music such as this it’s only a matter of time before it comes to the limelight. 

This album is one of the best projects of the year.

Best Tracks: On My Sleeve / Impress Me / Introduce Myself / Mandy / Dim My Light / I Lied (Part 1) / East Side / Secretly 

Worst Tracks: Used to This

Rating: 8/10



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