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There’s so much music out there nowadays, it’s so hard to decide what new releases you want to listen to. We know for a fact that you’re missing out on some gems so don’t worry, we’ve created a shortlist for you below.

Billy Billions – Blessing The Beef

Billy Billions picks up where he left off unleashing ‘Blessing the Beef’ as he makes
his highly anticipated return. Notably part of Hackney based supergroup ‘98s’, Billy
follows up his previous stomper ‘Tizzy’ with this Honeywoodsix produced offering. Despite the catchy hooks and melodies, Billy is an artist who can effortlessly flirt between hard and smooth Rap, telling his story in a poignant and authentic way.

Gramn. Ft. Baely– Long Way Down

Boundary pushing Hackney R&B collective Gramn offer their first release of 2022 – the sleek, emotive ‘Long Way Down’ featuring Baely, the 1st release from their upcoming new EP. The track’s addition of rising R&B prospect Baely gives us a combination of talents that hits with the glossy performance of a late-night classic: soft R&B soundscapes, guided by a soaring vocal pairing and Aux’s witty lyricism, taking the track to an epic duet crescendo.

Jay Bizzy – No Hook 

Bouncing back from his hit single ‘Mental Scars’, Jay returns to the soundscape with new wave energy on ‘No Hook’. Jay’s talents stretch beyond his melodic hooks and frank lyricism. An ability to fluently play 7 instruments and compose his own records point to a rare technical ability that immediately places the Nigerian-heritage artist in a lane of his own. With it showcased on a recent Mixtape Madness Acoustic Session, the multi-instrumentalist is sure to continue the attention drawing around him.

Silvastone – Born Again

Written and produced by Afrobeats artist Silvastone himself, ‘Born Again’ sees the Croydon native singing about how finding true love makes us all feel reborn.

The song and its title are a play on words with multiple meanings. It’s about a refresh. A renewal. Resetting and starting again. Whether that’s life or love. And it’s appropriate in this now post-lockdown times where many of us like myself are picking up where we left off or starting afresh. It’s a feel-good song and something I know we all need right now. And, as a man of God of course, there’s nothing better than being ‘Born Again’.”

Morgo Ft Degie– Back Home

Merging themes of introspectiveness and self-reflection, ‘Back Home’ highlights the Motto Estate duo’s distinctive UK hip-hop sound led by Morgo’s slick penship and Degie’s real-rap abilities. Taking us on a trip down memory lane, the video presents us with nostalgic backdrops representing local territories where they spent their adolescent years.

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