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There’s so much music out there nowadays, it’s so hard to decide what new releases you want to listen to. We know for a fact that you’re missing out on some gems so don’t worry, we’ve created a shortlist for you below.

Devlin has blessed the UK sound sphere for over a decade, becoming one of the most credited artists to grace the scene. Now sitting on over 100M streams, the MC creates a new form energy in ‘Eyes For The Blind’, led by the infectious Real Rap cut ‘Popular Fashion’.

Filled with unorthodox synths and sharp percussion, Devlin recites his journey of breaking down societies barricades, and exploring his creative path. His unmatched lyrical aptitude and innate street storying telling set him in a league of his own.

Black Sherif feat Burna Boy – Second Sermon (Remix) 

19 year old Ghanaian singer and rapper Black Sherif, enlists African Giant, Burna Boy, for the remix of the amazing single ’Second Sermon’. His genre-less sound fuses Highlife, Afrobeats, Amapiano and drill. He is also said to be joining Burna on his world tour, we can’t wait to see how this energy will rub off on him.

Black Sherif has quickly climbed the ranks, becoming Ghana’s breakout star for 2022 off the back of the singles he released last summer. He’s also been included on numerous tastemaker lists for the year ahead, definitely someone to watch.

Murkz – Old School RnB 

‘Old School RnB’ is the latest offering from Manchester’s Murkz after a stellar string of releases over the past year. Showcasing his unique versatility and signature cheeky flair, the track is a conceptual Garage-infused bop that will certainly pique the interest of any avid RnB lover due to it’s cleverly referenced lyrics and infectious vibe.

We definitely support the message in this track, bring back old school R&B type love!

Kobi Onyame – My Prayer

The ‘My Prayer’ visuals see Kobi heading to Cape Town, South Africa to link up with burgeoning filmmaker TheseAreTheStreets, with the outcome of their collaboration really bringing the track further to life. Kobi also handled production of the Alternative track with additional production from Jayso.

The track itself is Kobi’s own manifesto for better race relations. According to the Glasgow artist and producer, “the sooner we rid ourselves of the social construct of race, the better things will be. I say ‘see no colour, in your brother’ as a way to say the construct of race plays no role in the character and culture of a person“.

Ajia – Destined for Me

‘Destined For Me’ is a delicate R&B song that effortlessly highlights Ajia’s gorgeous vocals, and covers themes that many will have experienced already – love, heartbreak, insecurity, and everything in between.

“ ‘Destined For Me’ is the story of a woman no longer waiting for a sign to meet the right guy. Longing for the love that is seen around in movies and the people in the streets. She doesn’t just want the movie fairy tale love but the true love that is destined for her. She still longs for love even when there might be setbacks. Asking the question why me, she is still hopeful for love.”


Giggs Super fan, cultural commentator, writer, presenter and creative writer <3



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