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Rambo sits down with Ramz -@ramboistalking @ramonerochester

For those looking for some wholesome content look no further as Ramboistalking sits down with one of the UK’s most underrated artists, and that is South London’s very own Ramz aka Retro Boy. Although it’s unconventional for 9Bills to review an interview, we couldn’t miss this opportunity to showcase the new talent arising from the podcast scene, and that is Rambo aka Ramboistalking. Inspired by @ChuckieOnline’s ‘The Cheque-up’, ‘A Sit Down’ is a product of last years pandemic as Rambo thought he’d combine his love for deep conversations, music and the talents of those around him.

The two bonded over their love for music, finding out they previously crossed paths while working at Arsenal Stadium and the fact they both share the name ‘Ramon’. From the offset there was an obvious chemistry between Rambo and Ramz, as Ramboistalking has this clear and concise way of handling an interview which will get him very far in years to come.

The Mitcham resident discusses growing up in South London, fatherhood and his breakout track ‘Barking’ which peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart in 2018, the track also received 77 million views on GRM Daily. The 24-year-old ‘Hold You Down’ rapper also discussed his journey into the music industry.

Following in the footsteps of his fellow South London peers, including Stormzy, Dave and Krept & Konan it was only a matter of time Ramon Rochester would pursue a career in music after being surrounded by so much creativity. “One of my boys at Uni was a hard engineer and I would freestyle over beats with him”, during this time Ramz began the creation of his hit ‘Barking’, a track that really put the Mitcham born artist onto the map, giving him nationwide recognition. An artist who is strong on staying true to himself, Ramz explained although he received so much love from ‘Barking’ and ‘Hold You Down’, he never gave into the pressure of creating music for the sake of it, ‘You gotta put out the music that is true to you’.

Like many artists Ramz has had both highs and lows during his career, which were carefully covered in this interview, one of the more delicate subjects mentioned by Rambo and Ramz was the topic of mental health. In 2019 Ramz very bravely and openly spoke on his suicidal thoughts, while featuring on a skit for Krept & Konan’s ‘Revenge is Sweet’. ‘Both Krept & Konan shouted me to feature on the album and I love those two, they are good people’. Ramz also explained that the birth of his son took a toll on his mental health too, ‘you need a supportive system to help you stay on track’, however you can see from Ramz’ facial expressions how passionate he is about being a father. The subject of mental health is often questioned when discussed in public, but what Ramz is doing is opening up the conversation for many men, this shows true bravery.

‘Retro Boy to me was going back to the drawing board’, this the simplest way to describe the latest project from Ramz, which is a 6 track EP. ‘During the lockdown and after I had my little one, fans were telling me I need to go back to my old shit’, Ramz did exactly that, from the artwork to the tracks, the rapper stayed true to his word. To create a truly authentic EP, Ramz listened to old school music and even went shopping on Depop to create this project. ‘Retro Boy’ showcases Ramz’ talents as a singer and a rapper, standout tracks from the project include ‘Live Life’ and ‘Supercharged’.

A father, a musician, and an all-round humble individual, the possibilities are truly endless for Ramz, so keep your eyes open for anything from acting, to new music and even some exciting business ventures.

As for Rambo who is only a year into his career as a presenter and podcast host, the future is already looking pretty bright for him as he has interviewed R’n’B songstress Mnelia, singer R.A.E, Bandanna from House Of Pharaohs, AV The Producer and so many more. He’s so consistent with his content, I’m sure he’s interviewed one of your faves already.

Both ‘Retro Boy’ and ‘A Sit Down’ featuring Ramz are out now.

Jadene Rogerson

If I'm not writing about music, I'm listening to it. Enjoy my words!



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