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Spotlightfirst under the spotlight: An interview with the entertainment platform making waves! | @SpotlightFirst

Spotlightfirst event
Various artists performing at the first under the spotlight event by Spotlightfirst

Who or What is SpotlightFirst 

SpotlightFirst, aims to become the one stop platform for all things Music, Entertainment and Creatives in the UK.

We see ourselves as a growing community for the young and opinionated. With a focus on breaking new artists/music, sharing stories, expressions, information and pushing culture.

When did you start you start it?

SpotlightFirst began as a blog in May 2014

What inspired you to do it?
I’ve always had passion for new music and discovering new artists. I wanted to create a community and outlet where people can discover new music/artists as well as discuss trending topics etc.  – Tolu

Is there anyone you would like to be as big as or anything you would like to achieve (can be short term or long term)

Long term, SpotlightFirst as a platform would like to reach heights yet to be reached by any other. To be regarded as a major influencer and key player in UK urban and popular culture.

What have you found difficult in the process so far

 As we are doing everything for the first time. We find ourselves being faced with many challenges. Starting a blog in 2014, when everyone has moved to youtube vlogging etc. meant we had to fight harder for people’s time and attention. So I would say just getting ourselves out there.

Biggest event/ achievement you have been involved in? Or key successes 

It is nice being recognised by the likes of Wiley and Jamal Edwards and receiving acknowledgement and compliments for blog posts from artists and their managers such as Tsu Surf and Cy Hi.

SuspectOTB performing

You broke boys over there looking retired… 😴
Suspect OTB shutting down his @spotlight1st performance credit

Positive feedback and genuine love and respect from people that enjoy our mixes, curated playlist, tweets and reading spotlightfirst articles.

Consistently over a million monthly impressions.

Having a sold out first event with Under The Spotlight.

One challenge you overcame to get to where you are today?

Having doubts and thinking that the platform we are trying create was not needed. Putting on events like UnderTheSpotlight has showed me otherwise thanks to the great reviews and feedback.

Where can we catch the next UnderTheSpotlight event?

Under The Spotlight II on the 21st of May.

Spotlightfirst underthespotlight next event

Spotlightfirst underthespotlight next event



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