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Personalised Greetings From Your favourite Celebs?

How Artist Marketplace has pioneered social distancing greeting cards with cutting edge technology. 

The COVID-19 lockdown has hit the entertainment industry hard, particularly the club and festival scene. With the closure of prominent venues and cancellations across popular European festivals, it’s fair to say Summer 2020 has seen the depths of a disaster. For many music lovers and pop culture vultures, a good gig is an excellent opportunity to enjoy their favourite artist and reap the possibility of a meet-and-greet opportunity with their idol. This can’t be easy due to social distancing rules and regulations…or can it?


Welcome to Artist Marketplace (ART MKT PLC) the future of innovated shout outs the social-distancing way. Started by Fidel Frimpong-Bonnah the platform aims to provide fans with a personal greeting from their favourite UK cultural icon. For example, need a birthday greeting from your favourite drill rapper? Or you simply need Kojo Funds to express his fondness for your brand – you know the ol’ “big up [insert brand name here]”. This is the ultimate platform for all the groupies, fangirls/boys and those who go above and beyond for birthday presents. 

Missed out on a festival this year? Or perhaps that gig you saved up for? Maybe you just want to bring a smile to that special someone’s face


Ranging from prices of between £15-500 pounds clients are allowed to pick between a catalogue of influencers, entertainers, poets and songwriters – simply by the click of booking on their site. The site itself, which titles its scheme “find and books your favourites in a flash ⚡”, already boasts a catalogue of exciting UK culture names from M24, House of Pharaohs, Naira Marley and many more. 


Value for money?

So, considering it has a vast catalogue of names and faces the value for money definitely fits the description of whoever you book. Thus far, Afrobeats artist Naira Marley is the highest valued artist on the catalogue. This makes sense considering his ranking on the charts and his cultural impact as of last year. 


What does the service offer?

Artist Marketplace offers the opportunity of personal greetings including Get well soon gestures, stay strong during quarantine, wedding congratulations, birthdays, thinking of you and engagement gestures. In addition, the site provides the opportunity for artist appearances at private events. Albeit, this may be subject to conditions. 

How does it work?

The site will navigate you to a sign-up page that then allows you access to the person of interests profile. Below you will see find a list of gestures/greetings the artist is willing to do for a video message. If you wish to book someone for a private event – per say a birthday party-  you are encouraged to specify: everything the artists needs to know about your special occasion, including date, time and location and your expected number of guests. 

The small start-up has pierced the bridge of technology and artist to fan engagement. While its directory grows, the online booking platform looks to sore as more people look for alternative ways to send greetings during this global pandemic. Not only is this the quickest method available online at the moment, but it’s also the best way to secure “the cool friend” status when sending a greeting card in the coolest way.

Visit Artist Market Place at –


Thandie Sibanda



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