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Intensity levels rise with @SternStakes compelling @WE_R_BLACKBOX episode

Have you ever managed to get a few drops of water in a frying pan full of burning oil? The way the oil on-sight’s you is the perfect representation of Stern Stake’s freestyle.

Jam packed with quotables and word play far beyond basic rhymes, Stern masters the art of lyricism served with a fiery delivery. On the first track, he oozes passion, discussing his worth ethic and life encounters. He makes an excellent choice with the second track, transitioning to a bubbly, luxurious instrumental and a skippy flow to match.

Stern Stakes isn’t new to us. Early 2017 he put us on to one of his tracks ‘Crazy’ which had gangster rap vibes, paired with an abstract music video which is highly underrated!! You should definitely check this out.

New Music! Stern Stakes – CRAZY | @sternstakes [User Submitted]



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