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Giggs – From South London to international stardom | @officialgiggs

Born in 1983, Giggs, the eldest of his siblings, grew up in Peckham. Originally nicknamed ‘Giggler’ because of his tendency to laugh even in the most inappropriate situations, then evolved into Giggs. He would go on and spawn a whole new sub-genre of rap in the UK.

After being released from prison in 2005, Giggs started rapping as a career. His lyrics often reflect the reality of his life and navigating his youth in inner-city London. His association with his pre-rap lifestyle painted an incredibly vivid image of South London, putting his experiences on a pedestal not dissimilar to his East London counterparts who were doing it through grime. Giggs began to release numerous mixtapes whilst re-forming SN1 as a record label. Ard Bodied, Hollowman meets Blade, Welcome to Boomville, Best of Giggs 1, 2 and 3 and his most successful single which was originally conceived as a freestyle over the 2007 Dr. Dre-produced Stat Quo track titled “Here we go”, grew into the wider-known ‘Talkin’ The Hardest’. This is now coveted as the UK national anthem by some and has been shutting down raves for just under 20 years.

His early collaborative tapes with Dubz and Blade Brown are all incredibly influential. ‘Pain is The Essence’ from the Ard Bodied tape became somewhat legendary in South London folklore, and even referenced in recent years for the Nike x Corteiz campaign and was referenced on ‘Three Rivers’ by Dave and Tiny Boost’ 2022 Daily Duppy.

It is said that more than 100,000 copies of his mixtapes have been sold. This success elevated Giggs’ fame outside of London; however, when he initially signed with XL Recordings, the record label was allegedly warned by members of the Metropolitan Police not to support the London Rapper.

On August 4, 2008, he independently published his debut album, Walk in da Park. ‘Uummm!!’ and ‘You Raised Me/Open Up’ were the two official music videos from the album. The song ‘Walk In Da Park’ was well-received and saw great popularity, selling out in the majority of HMVs within the first two days of its release.

Let Em Ave It is the second album by Giggs and his debut release on XL Recordings. ‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’ was released on 7 June 2010 by XL Recordings and is featured on the album that was released on 21 June 2010.

However, Giggs faced challenges due to his criminal record. Operation Trident shut down his shows and attempted to dissuade record labels from signing him. Despite these setbacks, Giggs continued to create music that straddles two worlds: Peckham and the music industry.

This has been what propelled him to global success. His projects Now Or Never, Big Bad, Wamp 2 Dem, The Landlord and Zero Tolerance have all broken him into an international audience, working alongside Drake on ‘KMT’ and also: Dave East, Young Thug and many more. He is due to embark on his first US tour later this year, before returning to the UK for the Boiler Room World Tour.

He now has a family and a teenage son ML, who is following in his footsteps and has released his debut mixtape It’s Clobbering Time which included features from Giggs himself, PS Hitsquad and Suspect OTB.

Arguably nobody in the UK scene has broken as many barriers as Giggs whilst having the same number of hurdles, which is why he has received his flowers in abundance.



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