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How Eja ‘Rose In The Dirt’ | @E24JA

Eja is a Belfast-born rapper that has a flair for spitting bars over melodic and uptempo beats. Championing radio play support from BBC Music Introducing, Eja has made some ripples in the UK music scene thus far. His new album ‘Rose In The Dirt’ is his 3rd release of the year.

As you progress through the songs, Eja allows us to delve deeper and deeper into his life, which is most definitely always appreciated by listeners. We hear him express his thoughts and feelings on a wide range of topics; love, sex, heartbreak, loyalty and family. No stone is left unturned.

With the album being mixed by top-tier engineers, expect it to flow ever so smoothly in your ears. Discover a mix and blend of current popular sounds: Wave, Trap and melodic Rap. Different songs for different moods, it is without a doubt that Eja will continue to release solid projects for the people, we can only wait to see what he has in store for us next.

What inspired the name of the album?

A rose in the dirt is beautiful, when it grows you can’t see how amazing it really is until it fully blossoms. In reference to the project, it took a while. As it progressed, I feel as though I did too as an artist.

My mother is called Rosaleen, and she is actually depicted in the artwork. Due to the low opacity of the pictures, it’s hard to see her, but she is there.

What made you decide to put all your ‘dirt’ in song?

Music is how I relate to life and present myself to the world. It’s how I express myself. I want everyone to know how I’m feeling. Music is, without a doubt, the simplest way to do so. I’m not sure what I’d do without music.

Who inspires you?

Not so much a musical inspiration, but I admire Reece Wabara, founder & CEO of Maniere De Voir. He articulates himself so well, and offers sound advice, it’s so admirable. He once had a goal to achieve and succeeded, so I believe I can do the same.

3 artists you’d love to share the stage with?

Brent Faiyaz, Drake & SZA.

What’s next for Eja?

Now, I’m mostly focused on releasing singles. I’m on my third project this year, and all I want to do now is relax and focus on shooting videos and snagging some awesome features.

Gishan Akanga

22-year-old poet & music journalist. I’ve always gone beyond just letting a song pass through one ear and out the next. I’m always here to appreciate an artist's time and effort spent making their mark on earth through sound. There’s nothing better! Connecting artists to listeners through my sweet pen, something I will continue to do forever!



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