“1 man army. Never been an industry plant. I rely on you guys to support & push my projects. That’s why I unfollowed most these rappers and blog pages. # Before I beg for a seat at yours, I’ll build my own table” Via b3hinddascenes Instagram Story.
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Digga D complained about not being invited to the illustrious GRM Gala indicating he feels he is excluded from the music industry. Is this true? If so, why?

Is being blackballed by the music industry a matter of bad luck, or something that happens over time due to choices and artistic direction? Or is it something more sinister entirely…

Digga D is undoubtedly one of the most talented rappers to come out of this country, with 12 songs to reach the Top 40 in the charts, and 1 mixtape to reach number 1, his fanbase is strong. If you just looked at the numbers, this doesn’t sound like someone who has been “blackballed”. However Digga D isn’t someone without controversy. There has never been a shortage of controversy in rap for all its 50 years of existence, and no other genre has faced as much censorship.

Digga D was the first artist to be given a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) which made him inform the police before any release, providing them with all lyrics, and visuals. 15 years ago, a similar thing happened to Giggs resulting in having his shows shut down consistently. In time though, Giggs managed to push through and have an incredible career despite all efforts to blackball him, just like Digga D has managed to do by adapting and overcoming rules put in place to censor him.

But is this enough for him to be ignored by large publications and award ceremonies, or is it just a small speedbump in which will be a much longer and prosperous career?

Giggs apologising to fans after the police shut down his show.

With a new project “Back to Square One”, it is expected Digga D will make a return, and this will be the true decider as to whether the industry is attempting to blackball him or not.

The teaser, narrated by Digga D himself makes it look as though he is trying something new. This new approach could possibly expand his audience all whilst strengthening his day 1 core by going back to his carribbean influences which inspired his artistry in the first place. Let’s see how far a 1-man army can power through and if the project gains the recognition Digga D feels he deserves.

James Woodham

Journalism student with a heavy focus on music



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