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Dan Onkar unleashes his highly anticipated EP ‘ A Night Like This’ | @DanOnkar

North London-based British Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer Dan Onkar is excited to unveil ‘A Night Like This’ – his brand new third studio EP. This release has been long awaited following his sophomore project ‘Unstable’ in 2018 and his latest single release ‘Tales By Moonlight’, supported by the likes of BBC 1Xtra, Capital Xtra No Signal, Reprezent Radio and R&B nation.

Written, produced and arranged by Onkar himself, alongside names like Nosa Apollo who has worked with many prominent figures such as Craig David and Ella Mai, the construction of this EP is astounding. The 6 track project presents Onkar in a very transparent light, showcasing his capabilities and potential within his music career.

Touching on the inspiration behind his ‘A Night Like This‘ EP, Dan Onkar says,“thematically, this project is a lover’s experience through courtship, highlighting the longing for a person and the desire to want to stick it out with that person. I wanted to paint a full musical experience that didn’t take you to different moods or locations but centered you in that specific spot. The EP starts (‘If I Lie’) and ends (‘Want It With You’) the same way, proclaiming a love for this person, and then the body of the project, like ‘In The Morning’ and ‘Spring Water’, is where all the fun happens”. This portrays Dan’s intentions for the EP and the success in which he made it happen.

Dan added that the project is influenced by ‘80s West African music (like highlife, Afrobeat and Disco) and R&B. Furthermore, ‘A Night Like This’ represents the coming together of his two different upbringings across London and Lagos – two cities with strong musical heritage and culture; embracing that merger, not only in his music, but also as a man, owning where he’s from and wearing that with pride and in love”. His inspiration is driven by his introspective writing combined with his multi-layered genre fusing production, which you can expect to enjoy on ‘A Night Like This.



1. If I Lie

2. Tales By Moonlight

3. In The Morning

4. Pass It

5. Spring Water

6. Want It With You

Listen to ‘A Night Like This’ here!



Casey Dorney



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