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Charlie Mase | @CharlieMase1


Who is Charlie Mase?

A law graduate, artist and personality; but an artist first and foremost

I’m an artist first and foremost

I’ve been making music since 2012 but I’m officially starting this year (2016)


Charlie Mase has always been an entertainer and a people’s person and inspires to make others feel good and have a good time. Some what an entrepreneur, mase can’t really see himself working to build someone else’s dreams and instead looks to build his.

I love music, I’ve always loved music, I love the power it has on people’s moods and how relatable it can be.

Charlie Mase states James Brown, Michael Jackson and even Drake as inspirations and targets he aims to reach in the future.

I just believe anything worth doing is worth doing well so I want to be the best at what I do and I want my talent and hard work to be recognised and appreciated at such a magnitude (as well as making enough money to retire my mum n look after my family and friends ? lool)

Charlie Mase is well on the way to doing so, very popular on social media platform snapchat (CharlieMase1) and already appeared on Tim Westwood’s crib sessions with East London rap group PBGR.

Check Out Charlie Mase’s crib session with PBGR


As seen above, Charlie Mase is affiliated with the Play Broke Get Rich group and accredits them and their management for introducing him to the music scene.

We’ve all been friends for a while and many of us grew up together… I showed their manager I could rap and He started bringing me to studios and showed me a lot of what happens behind the scenes

Charlie Mase states finishing uni as the biggest obstacle for him. Knowing a few months into it he didn’t want to pursue it as a career but persisted to make his family happy. As well as this realisation, there were other issues facing the young entertainer.

They all played a part in moulding me into the man I am today and gave me that push to finish uni and be fearless enough to start this career I’ve always dreamed of since a kid. I just thank God, I couldn’t have done it alone.


That has to be OTFYM at Birthdays with the PBGR family. That night was sensational, you had to have been there to fully understand.

What’s Next?

Charlie Mase has just released his first video on YouTube entitled Flava Freestyle.

Flava Freestyle

Twitter – @CharlieMase1

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