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4 times Central Cee features spun the artist | @Centralcee

Central Cee has had a meteoric rise since the release of his breakthrough track ‘Day in the life’ in June 2020. The west London rapper has gone on to become the global face of UK rap selling out shows and tours across the globe. Cench was rapping for years before becoming the most influential rapper in the country,  his break out track in 2020 was the opportunity he needed and he took it and ran, with the star currently sitting on 7.1 million Instagram followers, 22 million monthly Spotify plays, five UK top tens and a number one project. Central Cee’s success hasn’t been due to luck. Every move he and his team make seems measured, direct and strategic. His features are a large reason for his success with the rapper having worked with a number of artists globally as well as in the UK ensuring every time that he leaves an impression. Here are 4 times Central Cee features were better than the main artist.



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D-block Europe – Overseas ft. Central Cee 

This link up saw the merger of two of the biggest cult followings in the UK, ‘shisha and car snaps’ meet ‘Tiktok’ went crazy as arguably the waviest link up in recent UK rap came together. The video was shot ‘overseas’ in Paris with Central Cee absolutely spinning the duo on a track that peaked at 6th on the official charts and currently sits on just under 130 million Spotify streams and 56 million views on YouTube. The track was a big co-sign from D-block Europe with many fans comparing Young Adz with Central Cee due to their heavily tatted appearances and styles, the feature saw some fans of the duo properly taking in Cench for the first time and due to his impressive verse they weren’t disappointed .



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Rondodasosa – Movie ft. Central Cee

This feature saw Italy and west London come together as Central Cee featured alongside Italian drill rapper Rondodasosa. The video is shot in London and currently sit on 14 million views, while Rondos aggressive style and melodic hook keeps fans entertained for the first 2 minutes it’s Central Cees verse that takes the track to the next level as he effortlessly rides the beat and refers to the beginning of his meteoric rise with his opening bar, “I’m bugging, I didn’t think this through I’m a bit too bait now I can’t blend in”. The track was the begging of the rappers European takeover which came to a peak on his latest project ’23’ with the track ‘Eurovision’ which features 7 artist from across Europe including Rondodasosa and the next artist Cench spun Freeze Corleone.


Freeze Corleone – Polémique ft. Central Cee 

Freeze Corleone is one of the biggest rappers in France and linked up with Central Cee in the summer of 2021 on their track ‘Polémique’, which translates to controversy in English. The video was shot over in Paris on Freeze’s block with subtitles translating Freeze into English and Cench into French, with the pair donning Corteiz wear a brand that was instrumental in bringing the collaboration together. Central Cee opens the track before going back to back with Freeze later on in the song. The single was a hit, peaking second in the French charts and appearing 6 times in the top 10 , as Cench continued growing his European fan base. 


FKA Twigs –  Measure of a man ft. Central Cee (The Kings man soundtrack) 

This track came a bit later in Cenchs career, at a time where he was beginning to be talked about as the superstar he is now. While the track doesn’t see him featuring alongside a fellow rapper, it was actually British alt pop star FKA twigs that is graced by a Central cee feature. Cench laid a powerful verse that was heavily overlooked not only by fans of the British rapper but by the head honchos working on the movie. The song featured on the soundtrack of the film but come the cinematic edit Central Cees verse was removed.


Notable Central Cee features get an honourable mention:

Blanco – The Great Escape Ft. Central Cee 

Meekz – Don’t Like Drill Ft. Central Cee 

Ed Sheeran -Bad Habits remix Ft. Tion Wayne & Central Cee (Fumez the engineer) 

Stay Flee Get Lizzy – Meant To Be Ft. Fredo & Central Cee 

These tracks saw Cench lay impressive verses but didn’t quite make the cut due to it being very arguable wether or not he smokes his feature due to how impressive the verses by the other artist on the track where. 

Words by Noah


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