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Big Conspiracy | The Verdict

J hus big conspiracy

J HUS IS BACK! The extremely popular East London rapper has returned with his long awaited second album ‘Big Conspiracy’ the album was released on the 24th of January and already seems to be a fan favourite. << Is already a fan favourite, chart topping

Hus has continued to shock us with his unreplicated sound and unrivalled delivery on tracks as he merges traditional street rap with soulful hooks on unique beats. The tape is Hus’ return since his debut album ‘Common Sense’. Big Conspiracy is a solid body of work that showcases J Hus’ talent, versatility and creativity as an artist.

‘Big Conspiracy’ is brought to us after long hiatus and consists of 13 tracks also a carefully selected feature list as Hus put his sister ‘iceé tgm’ on the opening tracks, this was bold as she is not a known artist, but she is clearly talented and held her own. The wait had many eager for what Hus had in store and the masses are clearly more than satisfied with what they received.

J Hus displays his creativity in the song ‘Play play’ with the highly regarded Burna Boy. The artists combine to great effect as J Hus uses an extended metaphor throughout the song, comparing a variety of guns to his sex drive and sex game. While Burna Boy sings an infectious hook filled with authentic and playful afro vibes.

To show depth within the album the outro ‘deeper than rap’ contrasts this as Hus hits us with some real and conscious rap and referring to the actions taken in the ‘road life’ and deeper topics such as blackness and putting his religious side into perspective for us. As he hits us with some hard hitting lines such as ‘why they wanna kill us for natural resources’ and ‘I saw a sister and lowered my gaze’.

The album reached number <<1 and it is clear why. As Hus continues to show why he is hailed so highly by his peers and fans. Especially as he is yet to disappoint his fans with a body of music and is a clear front runner within the U.K. urban scene.


Daniel Mensah



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