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Ayar | @ayar_one


Who is Ayar?

Ayar is a rapper born and raised in east London from Nigerian decent. He enjoys expressing himself creatively through rap and design. Although just 23, Ayar’s rhymes envoke an nostaglic feel dating back to the origins of rap in New York in the 70’s.

Listen to Ayar’s 70’s rap flow

Ayar has been a rapper since the age of 11 and along with Rageous forms the group one50.

one50 is the means and platform from which me and a couple other of my peers use as a means to express our creative talents. A creative collective is the easiest way I can describe one50


Ayar has always enjoyed music and creative arts so naturally as a young and ambitious adult followed the creative route.

I enjoyed it before I saw it as a career path, the fact that I could make a living from it inspired me to put most of my time into it however even if it wasn’t I would still be writing in some form or fashion.

Ayar mentions Kano, Jay electronica and Nas as inspirational figures – keep an eye out on 9bills to see if he can emulate the success these artists have had in their music careers!

Listen to Ayar -Off the corner


As many upcoming muscians find, the actual creation of music is the easiest part of the ‘music business’. With the help of blog platforms, and other media outlets upcoming artists can gain more exposure for their sound easier and quicker.

I am still getting into the business so I would say it is hard however it does depend on how your perspective on things. The music business is hard but the actual creation process I would say it enjoyable to me!


Besides setting up his own website, self producing videos and album art Ayar has accomplished a lot in terms of branding himself as an artist. With his undying persistence, we are sure to be hearing and seeing a lot more of him.

My biggest achievement I would say to date is my longevity, the fact that I am always getting better and haven’t been discouraged to stop making what I believe in. Very good art

What’s Next?

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