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OMDS THIS IS A BANGER! Mandem by Mr Enah | @MrEnah_

OMDS THIS IS A BANGER! Mandem by Mr Enah | @MrEnah_

Free Promo of the Week Mr Enah blessed up with

COLD!!! Young T & Bugsey ft. Belly Squad – Gangland | @youngtartist @bugseyetmg @bellysquad

COLD!!! Young T & Bugsey ft. Belly Squad – Gangland | @youngtartist @bugseyetmg @bellysquad

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Don’t get finessed!! 🤣😭  – @GrownsUK She Finessed Me

Don’t get finessed!! 🤣😭 – @GrownsUK She Finessed Me

Check out east London rapper Growns’ latest video. Don’t get

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9bills top tracks 2016 #9bills

9bills top tracks 2016 #9bills

2016 has been an awesome year for the UK music scene with new and established artists releasing great singles, albums, mixtapes and videos.

We recently created a thread of the best UK music videos released last year. Check it out below and leave a comment on any video you think should be added to the list!

UK Rap pioneer has been spotted in the studio with Swiss beats whipping up something crazy…

Fredo’s first banger came in 2016 and has since delivered more base banging tunes for the whip!

old tight all my apnas, karlas, gouras all of that yeah? Mist hailing from the midlands has shown that UK rap isn’t just London rap.

Dave Santan described by Fader magazine as ” U.K. Rap’s Emotional Young Voice” wrote the hook for this song at just 15 years old. Who was to know he would be on stage performing the remix with Drake a few years later?!

We were lucky here at 9bills to be one of the first to hear this track at a time when you could not stop hearing Abra Cadabra around. Instantly I knew it was a banger! Kojo Funds has gone from strength to strength touring across the UK. Watch out for the east Londoner’s upcoming mixtape.

Mist from the midlands linked up with MoStack in Romford, Essex to film this wavy track. The duo have since been in the studio with SteelBanglez & LinkUp TV for an epic challenge. We hope to see more from the pair this year!

Man don’t talk. man rap… 2016 has undoubtedly been the year of Abra Cadabra – from his humble beginnings on his [email protected] freestyle to winning Best Track – Abra Cadabra ft. Krept & Konan: Robbery.

67 have the whole country screaming 4 door truck. They are definitely trend setters and hit the scene hard with this track.

C Biz and the £R lifestyle was a major part of the London clubbing scene last year. His lavish spending, charismatic interviews and dope songs were the envy of all the London youth.

AJ Tracy & Dave linked up á Paris for the return of grime.

Mr you know my style released this vibe in 2016 and has told me he has a lot of new music in the pipeline!

Described as “The best freestyle of the year” by Krept, Konan’s last night in LA went in in in. It’s no surprise that the best freestyle of the year makes it into the list.

Yxng Bane has the looks and the hooks which had all the girls singing along to his single feating Kojo Funds (earlier mentioned) fine wine.
His debut mixtape full moon led to his first headline show along side Hackney’s golden child SNE.

Are there any videos you feel should have made the 9bills top tracks 2016 list? Join the discussion on Twitter or leave a comment via Facebook below!

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