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9bills launches ‘NxT Up’ Playlist

At times, the UK can feel as though it is in a state of limbo – like we are listening to the same thing over and over. CJ ‘6PAD’ Edwards wants to change this and attempt to get more light shone upon artists that are hardworking and talented but don’t have the opportunity to showcase this.

Every month we aim to update this playlist with around 12-15 songs of all genres of urban UK music. 

The following our some of our highlighted tracks for this months list. 

Corey KQuarantine After Party 

A Birmingham artist who’s song ‘Quarantine After Party’  has an alternative pop-style vibe to it, a prominent feature across all his music.

Albeit, Corey insists he doesn’t have any specific influences but says he “draws from any and everything”. He added “just whatever I enjoy”

Sainté – Champagne Shots 

Leicester artist Sainté takes inspiration from many different urban genres, from Hip-hop, Jazz and RnB. Although Sainte rose to prominence within the realms of the underground music scene, His Champagne Shots is a standout.

Sainté on Champagne Shots: It’s just your all-around vibe track. I can’t tell you when and where is best to listen to it because it doesn’t matter and that’s what like about it. 

I feel like my sound is different and pretty unique making it hard for me to be placed with others in the UK scene (as of right now) but my goal for next year is to work on myself and push my sound as much as I can to get people on the new wave. I’m excited!” 


E.Mak – 6:53

West London artist E. Mak has made his own lane, his string of quality, consistent releases have seen him make progressive steps.

We asked E.Mak where he believed he fits within the UK scene, he told us: “In the scene I’m a bit of an anomaly as I’m an artist and engineer.

I focus on the listener more than ‘the scene’ as such. Musically I think people would place me with the ‘real rap’ scene. I have two styles; rap & a rap infusion with dancehall.

I like to speak on my reality and be transparent. The plan is to focus on releasing quality music 

regularly and connect with my listeners”



28s, KAZ – London Dungeon

KAZ of the 28s London dungeons tunes something of the special. Following a hiatus, the London-based artist has made his return.

28s are very unique and they have their own style as fans will know they are some of the pioneers of the drill scene today as they brought that fun and energetic side to drill which artists like s1 and Russ have used”.


Maxi Millz – Keys to the City

The sweetest of tunes comes from Maxi Millz. Filled with riffs, and all the chilled vibes for these cold evenings – This is definitely a recommended listen.


1. Corey K – Quarantine After Party 

2. Sainte – Champagne Shots 

3. Rachel Foxx – What You Need

4. Isaiah Dreads – Lonely Nights 

5. Mally – Narcs

6. Finn Foxell – Shout Me 

7. E. Mak – 6:53  

8. 28s – London Dungeons

9. Kali: Mancunian Way  

10. Lyc0 x Wxnye – Both Sides 

11. Ashley Zeal – Tempted 

12. Maxi Millz – Keys To The City



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