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9bills: In Conversation with Kelvyn Boy hosted by @Comanda_x | @kelvynboymusic_

In just under 3 years Kelvyn Boy has become one of Ghana’s biggest Afrobeat stars. With over a million followers on Instagram and thousands of views and streams across his music, Kelvyn Boy has worked with the likes of Medikal (@AMGMedikal), Kojo Funds (@KojoFunds) and Sarkodie (@Sarkodie) to name a few. His breakthrough emerged after the release of his debut single ‘Toffee’ where his smooth melodies and his combination of lyrics both in English and the Ghanaian local language (Twi) were joined by a solid verse from Medikal.  The song caught Stonebwoy’s (@Stonebwoyb) attention and his support transitioned Kelvyn Boy from a budding underground artist to a mainstream superstar.

“When I met Stonebwoy that was when people got to see me you understand? So I could show what I have, that was the platform. There are a lot of people out there that are better than me. But they’ve not been seen. They don’t have or they’ve not gotten the opportunity you get me. So that [Stonebwoy] was the platform that showcased me.”

With very humble beginnings singing and performing at church and funerals when he was younger; Kelvyn Boy’s passion for music was inspired by his father who also used to sing in church.

“I used to go to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Every other Sunday there are like singing contests in groups. Everybody has a part that they sing and that’s how my dad started, so I think that’s where I adopted the singing thing”

Kelvynboy became known as a hook master after his feature on Do or Die with rapper Toyboi (@ToyBoi1). His style of music quickly got him compared to the likes of Wizkid and Rema and after grabbing Stonebwoy’s attention and becoming a mainstream artist within his own right, Kelvyn Boy definitely put the work in and proved himself to be an artist that was in his own lane.

His infamous catchphrases “Anada Anada” and “Lai Lai” were everywhere as he dropped the E.P “Time” with hit records ‘Nana Ama’ and ‘Mea’ featuring Joey B.  The success of the project coupled with collaborations such as Kpoo Keke with Stonebwoy, Kwesi Arthur, DarkoVibes and Medikal along with Anything featuring Kidi; Kelvyn Boy was fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian Afrobeats scene.

We caught up with the man himself to have a chat about his new album Blackstar that he just dropped.

Let’s talk about Blackstar the new album you just released. Why the name Blackstar? What was the inspiration?

I named it Black Star because this is the first ever Afrobeat album project from me coming from Ghana officially. I wanted to represent Ghana, so I wanted a title that like if you hear or if you read, Ghana comes to mind. So that’s how the name Blackstar came about.

Okayyy that makes a lot of sense and leads on to my next question because you’ve got a big legendary Ghanaian musician on the album: Gyadu Blay Ambolley (@GyeduBlay). How did that collaboration come about?

Yeahh he’s a serious legend. You know, [Watch Nobody]; sometimes you can record a song and you go like, “nahh, this song is an album song. Let me put it down. And wait.” You understand? Yeah, so the song was recorded, like two three years ago. So I just, I just waited on the right time. And then when we were putting the songs together for this album, we were like, No, I can’t do Blackstar alone. I need some legends behind me. You understand? So I went into my legendary bag and I was like, Yo, this is the perfect song for him. He really liked the song and I’m glad, he did what we all know him for on that song it was mad.

You also have one of our very own UK artists on the album: Kojo Funds. How did that come about? He is quite tied in with the Ghanaian scene as he chills with King Promise quite a bit from what I’ve seen. How did you guys get to work together?

Kojo Funds has been a fan of my thing from time and you know, I’ve always been a fan of his as well from the “are you dun tarkin” time. He came to Ghana, I think around Christmas time and we met on the video set of Banks and Ranks and he was like, “yo, Kelvyn Boy”, you know, and I was like, “yo, legend” and we just vibed you know, the boys boys ting. So the other time we met after that – you know, everywhere I go I mostly have a mobile studio in my car right, so I went to his hotel and we’re vibing and I played something {Hangover} and he was like “yo I like this one when I get time I go fi’ drop something”. I was like to him “yo I brought my mobile studio it’s in the car so what’s up” and he was like “oh yeah bring it!” you know, so hotel room sharp we shot it there and yeah, big up to him and his fans; I appreciate the love still.

Oh that’s dope big up Kojo Funds. So, you have a mobile studio everywhere you’re going, you’re ready to work!

Yeah man ever ready that’s me.

Sick. What other UK artists do you listen? Who would you like to work with?

I would love to work with everyone – I won’t go for the hype or the “big ones” but I will say I would love to work with Darkoo and all the new guys coming up. I even have a drill song you’ll hear it soon. Just let the Blackstar album enter you first, I’m gonna drop more visuals for that album and we for enjoy those ones and after that we for come the drill lane, no problem at all.

That’s sick we’ll be waiting to hear that! I’m gonna ask you what might be a tricky question but I wanna see how you tackle this one: what would you say your favourite collaboration has been? You’ve had loads; my favourites are the one with Wendy Shay (@Wendyshaygh) (Odo) and ‘Kpoo Keke’, I love those two.

The collabs have been mad, I have one with Tulenkey, (which he proceeds to sing for us). Then I have the one with Strongman, The one with Wendy Shay be mad as well. Then M.anifest featuring myself, I’ve also worked with him on ‘Yawa No Dey’, and then the one with Eno as well. So many, I don’t actually think I can pick a favourite. All of them are mad and there’s, even more, coming like Akwaboah featuring myself, MzVeefeaturing myself and even Mr Vegas featuring myself so trust me, watch out for them.

What about visuals for the album? Can we expect some more videos?

Oh yeah so you know I have 15 songs on the album, I’ve planned to shoot videos for AT LEAST 10 of the songs; they should be coming out. I have 4 videos dropped already: ‘MoMo’, ‘Mata’, ‘Style’ and ‘Watch Nobody’ with (Gyedu-Blay) Ambolley so I have 6 more to go.

Mata! That’s the bonus question I have because I love that video, where did you shoot that one?! It looks like you may have shot it in London.

Yeah that video was before corona, I shot it in London in Stratford actually. I shot two videos ‘Killa Killa’ and ‘Mata’. I had a show in London earlier this year in March, so after the show we shot those videos and rushed back. Two days later that’s when they locked down (London), so we were very lucky.

Oh yes I remember you were here in March, wow you were very lucky indeed.

So, what else can we look forward to?

A lot! The album is out so there’s nothing more to look out for let’s check out the album and stay tuned for the rest of the magic that’s coming out. There are 15 songs on there and they’re all bangers, so we need to push it well. I’m gonna drop the visuals one by one and I appreciate all the support so far. 9Bills, we dey together.

Blackstar is out now on all platforms, make sure you check it out and follow @KelvynBoyMusic_ for more magic.

Check out the full interview hosted by Comanda on 9bills IGTV.

Thandie Sibanda



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