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9 Krept and Konan punchlines that made them legends

Krept and Konan are an English rap duo from South London who specialise in witty, catchy and topical punchline bars. They own the ‘Play dirty’ collective which includes rappers, DJs, producers and a charity foundation. Krept and Konan also opened a restaurant in Croydon called Creps & Cones.

You would have probably first heard of Krept and Konan when they came to mainstream attention for their single and subsequent remix of ‘Don’t waste my time’ which featured American artist French Montana This song arguably brought UK rap to fruition for the demographic of people who otherwise wouldn’t stumble upon music from this side of the pond. Bristol, Torquay, the whole USA, we see you!

Krept and Konan have been dropping mind boggling bars since 2009 when they first smashed a Smokey Bars TV (SBTV) freestyle hitting millions of views and pioneering this seemingly new gritty London street sound that wasn’t Grime. The duo have also remixed lesser known artists such as Abra Cadabra and DigDat to great success. Some say all the above makes Krept and Konan Legends. A certain UK rap Pioneer may not think so…

Konan & Krept | Bars [2009]: SBTV

Let’s take a look at 9 of the best, hard hitting punchlines by Krept and Konan!

  1. All this Armarni will make your ex change – Konan, Otis
  2. They say money will never bring you happiness, but i’d rather be unhappy inside a range – Konan, Krept & Konan, Behind Barz
  3. Tell the waiter to let that chick in (chicken) like how could i let a barbie queue (BBQ) – Konan, Krept & Konan, Crepes And Cones
  4. Your girl say she at a seminar but word to the Scottish, it’s my house where she Edinburgh (heading bruh) – Krept, Krept, Konan & Yungen, Go Down South (ft Chip)
  5. Everyone think’s they’re Escobar, i looked at my DJ like NarCos – Konan, Last Night In LA
  6. Think you are superman? Well you don’t wanna bump into Krept tonight (kryptonite) – Krept, Last Night in Lagos
  7. MIST her Uck so i had to KARLA back – Krept, Air Force (ft. K Trap, Krept & Konan) (Remix)
  8. I grew up ASDA man spitting riddles, why you think my money ain’t LIDL? -Krept, Fire In The Booth (part 2)
  9. So much uck you would think im from Uxbridge – MoStack, Liar Liar Remix (Ft. J Hus, Krept & Konan)
  10. Bonus bar – Mans getting robbed like Chyna :'( – Konan, Robbery remix

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