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8 Female-led Media Platforms

9bills’ International women’s month is coming to a close and we’ve decided to end it on a high note. Female-led platforms are really dominating the media & entertainment space, below are 8 of them that are making their mark in our community.

1. 1994 Collective

1994 logo.png

1994 Collective is a group spearheaded by Chloe Mykel, who offer a wide range of services for artists, ranging from the underground to the well established. Services include PR, artist relations, marketing, events and so much more. What makes 1994 stand out so much is the colour they have brought to the scene, their PR has definitely put us on to some hidden gems in music and have gotten a lot of artists’ voices heard.

2. Wunmi Bello Show

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a woman at the forefront, singlehandedly lead deep, introspective, interviews on some of the biggest personalities in our community. Wunmi Bello has helped us navigate through their childhood experiences, family, relationships and other topics that could be deemed difficult to discuss and air out in front of millions of people.

3. Gal-dem Magazine

Gal-dem magazine is a well-renowned online and print magazine that endeavours to circulate stories and produce content on people of colour from disparaged genders. Founded by Olivia Little, the platform has created an entire safe space for a plethora of unnoticed individuals to be seen and heard by the masses and their peers alike. There isn’t another brand like it.

4. Vibes of a Black Girl

Vibes of a Black Girl is a community that seeks to “elevate, educate and empower unapologetic Black women”. Recently they have covered some pretty serious social issues, such as ways to support Child Q, provided templates to send to your local MP, enlighten us on adultification bias and many more. Follow their socials for daily affirmations and wisdom.

5. Brown Sugar Movement

The Brown Sugar movement is led by four women in the creative industry who put on successful events and award ceremonies that celebrate black women across the arts, as well as promoting opportunities and re-sharing golden advice. Be sure to keep well informed on their next events to see women who are born to be in the limelight and keep up with their social media, you might find your next chapter through them.

6. Rhymeshe Podcast

Rhymeshe is a podcast hosted by three women that discuss music and its current affairs from all around the world with fabulous guests. The girls aren’t afraid to dive head first into controversial topics and give their hot takes! Notable topics that have done the rounds are Drake, as depicted above and the cheeky one below. Enjoy yourself by listening to some unfiltered, non-conforming opinions.


VAMP is a pioneering PR agency founded by a group of black women that represent some of the biggest black female social media personalities and influencers of our time. They have secured placements for black women in some of the most prestigious companies the UK has seen. Who better to take our generation to the next level than our own peers!

8. Sistem

Sistem is an online magazine by black women that “informs and entertains”. Sistem tackles the gap they identified in the publishing industry by conducting book and film reviews, sharing thoughts, exploring identities and cultures and various types of content they deem overlooked.


Giggs Super fan, cultural commentator, writer, presenter and creative writer <3



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