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UK Artists jobs if they didn’t make music

We all know Giggs, Skepta, JME, Little Simz, and Central Cee as front-runners in today’s British rap scene. But have you ever wondered about the professions they might have pursued if they hadn’t picked up the microphone? Well, we did. So, without further ado, here’s a list of jobs that we at 9bills think suit these artists.


Known for his profound lyrics and storytelling ability, Stormzy could excel in academia, teaching literature. His passion for words and ability to convey deep messages could inspire a new generation of writers and poets.


It’s challenging to imagine Giggs as anything other than the rapper who effortlessly crafted the unofficial British National anthem ‘Talkin da Hardest’ back in 2010. But we gave it a shot. Drawing inspiration from the lyrics that have captivated house parties and clubs for 13 continuous years:

“If you’re Talkin’ da Hardest Giggs better pop up in your thoughts as an artist.”

So, what could be more fitting than envisioning Giggs as a painter (artist)?


The North London native has illuminated our screens and headphones for nearly 15 years as part of Boy Better Know (BBK). However, we can’t overlook his solo work, which solidified his position as one of the UK’s best wordsmiths.

For this one, let’s focus on ‘Man don’t care,’ where JME eloquently tells us:

“How could a man with a uni degree be bussing up mic and chatting this greaze?”

Well, JME holds a degree in 3D Digital Design from the University of Greenwich. What makes more sense than envisioning him as Professor JME?

Little Simz:

Since winning Independent Album of the Year at the AIM Independent Music Awards in 2016, Little Simz has been consistently collecting accolades. Progressing and establishing herself as one of the UK’s best artists has been a natural outcome of her immense talent. With her creative nature, transitioning into directing seems fitting, especially after her appearance as “Shelley” in TopBoy.

Central Cee:

If you’re unfamiliar with Central Cee’s meteoric rise to stardom, you might not be in touch with the UK rap scene. With the West London native churning out viral tracks and collaborating with heavy hitters like Dave and Pink Pantheress, he’s become one of the scene’s most recognizable faces.

As of 2023, Central Cee boasts 34.8 million monthly listeners, solidifying his ascent to stardom. That’s why we’ve envisioned the rapper as an astronaut.”


Skepta is no stranger to the fashion world. From representing Burberry at the 2023 Met Gala, to openly rocking fake Gucci because he prefers the designs, he has been able to be himself through his clothes for years now, so it only makes sense for him to have his own line and design for himself and others.

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