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5 black alternative artists to keep an eye on

The 5 artists in this article follow the well-trodden paths of their black alternative predecessors like Kravitz, Tricky and Prince who leave the defining to us and just focus on making the music.

FKA Twigs

Mercury price-nominated LP1 burst on the scene receiving critical acclaim. With  haunting, siren-like vocals layered over a glitchy, futuristic production, the  producer and singer (whose given name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett) has been compared to  musical giants like massive attack and Bjork.  


She has come a long way from 2011’s ‘Whip My Hair’ , now making some incredible contemporary, jazz-infused music. She has recently released her album Empathogen which has landed incredibly well with fans. Her 2022 Coping Mechanism album was highly punk and grunge influenced which leads us clueless about her next sound.

Infinity Song

Described as a soft rock/R&B band, there is a transcendent, psychedelic, soul infused quality to their harmonic/musical arrangements, with a nod to predecessors like  Hendrix, Mama and Papas and Fleetwood Mac (who they cover in ‘Dreams’); there is a a  pattern here – feel-good music. With visual notes reminiscent of the 70s, their debut  record Metamorphosis is a journey of dreamy harmonies, affirmations, romance and  melancholy.

Blood Orange

The musical project of Devonté Hynes. His music incorporates elements of R&B, funk, soul, electronic, and indie pop, often characterized by smooth, atmospheric production and introspective lyrics. Hynes addresses themes of identity, love, and social issues, particularly those related to race and sexuality. Blood Orange’s sound is marked by its lush arrangements, innovative use of synthesizers, and a distinctive, emotive vocal delivery, creating a unique and compelling listening experience.

Apollo Liberace

He has found a perfect blend of electronic sounds and rock influences which has created music that can’t be pinned to a single genre. His song ‘Paradise’ is a perfect example of this with its breathy falsettos and gentle harmonies. It is a track of  yearning, love and devotion on top of a rhythmic drum pattern and soft guitar. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.

Words by: Elisia Brown



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