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There’s so much music out there nowadays, it’s so hard to decide what new releases you want to listen to. We know for a fact that you’re missing out on some gems so don’t worry, we’ve created a shortlist for you below.

Lishana feat. Maxwell D – Self Love

‘Self Love’ is a captivating life-affirming R&B and Dancehall fusion track, which sees Lishana and Maxwell D opening up about a subject that is very relatable but also deeply personal to both of them. With the song calling for us to protect our energy from negativity and drama, Lishana drives home the importance of loving yourself and spreading love to others, throughout the very infectious offering.

Safiyyah x KeepVibesNear – Days Like This

Produced by Nikhil Beats, ‘Days Like This’ is an R&B track that discusses the highs and lows of how we navigate through everyday life to reach a positive place. Safiyyah and KeepVibesNear both have soft, sultry voices that gently tussle against each other seductively, mimicking the highs and lows of life itself. When they finally sing together, there is some sort of calming release, as if they’re on the same page, accepting both the good and bad as it comes.

“A reminder for people that we all get stressed and have bad days but to relax and enjoy life’s beauties.” 

AKS – Parity 

Produced by AKS himself, with live instrumentation from guitarist Adrian Remedy, bass player Benjamin Muraltand keyboardist Charlie Stacey, ‘Parity’ is an alternative rap track speaks on the pressures and aspirations of a black father in an edifying yet beautiful way.

The song is about purpose really. The notion that we do the best we can for our kids so that their starting point in life is beyond where ours was. I’m sure that was also our parent’s aim, and in that from generation to generation, there’s a sense of commonality in that. Parity. I wanted to explore generational differences – both the things that separate us from the generations that came before us, and those points of commonality that unite us. Like, wanting the best for your kids is universal right?

VSE7EN – Boogeyman

Predicted to have a very strong 2022, VSE7EN ends Q4 of 2021 with ‘Boogeyman’ a soft Drill track that’s scarily packed with incredibly controlled flows. The song explores the typical life of a young hard-working man on the roads, his encounters and the simple pleasures he wants back from life. Accompanied by visuals from BWGRX, this track is pleasing to both the eyes and ears.

Kay Slice – Slice M Go

Produced by the Rotterdam native himself, along with his three-piece live band, ‘Slice M Go’ is an infectious and energetic afro-fusion track driven by Kay Slice’s quickfire rap flow, sharp delivery, and piercing lyrics, over the lush live instrumental soundscapes led by glorious drum arrangements and synth keyboard progressions. Thematically, the song is about taking the negativity and unbelief that is thrown at us, and fuelling it into positivity and self-confidence.

“It’s about the underdog who found a way to turn negativity into fuel to rise up.”


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