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Odeal’s much anticipated headline London show sold out| @iamodealodeal

The Ovmbr chain had just been adjusted on his neck before he started pacing up and down the dressing room doing the sign of the cross for it was his sold-out event and there were 2000 people outside waiting for him to perform all that they had been waiting for over the last year.

The guitarist and drummer on the stage set the mood before Odeal walked through the smoke and onto the stage just after 9pm. Lights were in the air and voices all over could be heard. This was the energy that was expected for such an anticipated night of music, especially because it was his headline show, and his first headliner since selling out the Jazz Café a year earlier.

The crowd went electric when he told them he would take it back and started singing 2019’s Vicious Cycle. 2000 people shouting “Policeman officer” almost drowned out the performance.

He had a dancer who came out for All That It Takes and Repercussions. She really did add to the show and so did the live band and backing vocalists on-stage. Odeal really did set the bar for performances and made the long wait worthwhile for the show he put on. It was very well compiled, and the appearance by Brazy for Be Easy was also a great addition.

The most surprising of all came at one of the few outfit changes, when Gabzy came out and did a short set. The screen on stage changed to display his name, and the crowd again went euphoric. Thousands were screaming the words to all the songs performed in the short but sweet interlude.

He closed the show with Composure 2 and Coffee as a great crowd-pleasing encore before giving a speech about how important the night was for him. He performed a show well worth the wait and we will look forward to the next one!

James Woodham

Journalism student with a heavy focus on music



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