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Newham- The Hub For Musical Genius in London

Newham is a buzzing hub of talent!

In the past few weeks there has been some negative news surrounding one of Newham’s brightest young stars & just as Mover was due to hit the main stages of the UK with his hit single Ringtone.
Muni (Money) Mover was the year above me in school and to see such a tragic story overshadow his musical talent and buzz in the industry isn’t what I want to see.

Take a look at the video with LinkUpTV below which boasts over 800,000 views!

However this blog post isn’t to focus on the negatives. As you read this I am letting you know that there is still a hub of musical talent in Newham that are stepping up to promote London’s creativity.

Who Is He?

Introducing DJ P Montana.

DJ P Montana was also the year above me in secondary school and since 2011 has built himself as a brand with his trademark “Rah Boy!” mixes on his soundcloud.

P Montana’s passion for music is evident to see in his mixes and his appreciation for music is second to none. However, P Montana’s musical prowess doesn’t come from making music as he uses DJ-ing as a platform to portray, produce and display his creativity. After a family member gave him a decks he took to the task like a duck to water and is building a fantastic career from it.

The branding on P Montana’s mixes are no accident as he sites being the one everyone remembers as a key success factor in his rise & rise story.


DJ P Montana has partied all over the world and as a DJ he gets paid to do so! In 2013 a host of DJ’s including P Montana were part of the Loves Afrobeats team to present a bonanza week called Ibiza loves Afrobeats, an event which received great reviews and was another step in the right direction for the young DJ. As well being flown out to Amsterdam, P Montana has his own showcase and continually receives positive feedback on his good work.


Being a DJ may sound like all fun and games but it’s a job that involves many unsociable hours and countless amount of practice to get to a stage where it is ready for the public to enjoy. In addition to this, P Montana has had to make the difficult decision to put his musical ventures ahead of education so being a DJ isn’t something to be taken lightly.

What’s next?

The next of P Montana’s showcases is taking place in London on 24th May 2015.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend and book your tickets here

The tickets for the 24th May are selling out fast so you can get the heads up on the next event right here with 9bills. Find out more details about the Montana Jam here

Check out P Montana’s latest mix, see if you hear the sound tag “Rah boy…”
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

There is no doubt about Newham’s musical talent and another advocate of this is PacmanTV

Who Is He?

Pacman is an entrapeneur (entrepreneur in the trap) who I grew up with from primary school when we both lived in Newham. He is a close friend of Mover and also expresses his creative musical talent in an unusual method. Pacman AKA TB or Tempa Boi started pacmantv at the start of 2012 as a rapper who didn’t have anybody to promote his or his friends music. Now PacmanTV offers a platform for young voices with professional videos partnering with us at 9bills to promote talent from not only London but all over the UK!


He states “it wasn’t anything serious” but in the short time of 3 years Pacman TV has evolved from a youtube channel for promoting his own talent to an entrepreneurial adventure that has led to international video shoots in America, Amsterdam and Scotland just to name a few. With almost 20,000,000 (million) views and 22,000 subscribers on youtube Pacman Tv is a true success and one that Newham should be proud of.


Similar to P Montana his profession involves a lot of hard work and not a lot of sleep! 100’s of hours are put into travelling around the UK and the world not to mention editing and promotion. A massive challenge about being your own brand is dealing with people who fail to see you as the brand. Unprofessional people with poor communication skills and poor business skills can delay a video for weeks and weeks so Pacman’s people skills are utilized to allow his music industry brand to blossom.

What’s next?

For PacmanTV the sky is the limit. With the recent partnership with 9bills there are plans of expansion and growth of the brand and I am sure it won’t be the last you have heard of it. Although Pacman is a skilled cameraman and editor lets not forget the reason for the videos. Music.

Press play. Thank me later!

Take a look at all the videos on PacmanTV here

I hope you enjoyed this post and more importantly I hope your faith in Newham and London is restored. The future is bright! Be sure to share and leave a comment using the button below!


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