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London Rapper & Model Luchi Blue Shares New Track ‘Made Up My Mind’ |

‘Made Up My Mind’  is the emotionally charged new release from emerging UK hip-hop artist Luchi Blue. The track comes with a video directed by acclaimed photographer Rosie Matheson.

Having been scouted at a Childish Gambino concert 6 years ago and now a full-time professional model recently signed to IMG, London-based rapper and producer Luchi Blue is ready to take flight after quietly perfecting his craft over the past few years with previous stand-out releases ‘Never Thought’ and ‘Change’ and recent single ‘Hotline’ with London artist  DANiCA. New track ‘Made Up My Mind’ is a stark and honest take on Luchi’s battle with his mental health. Released to tie in with Men’s Mental Health Week, Luchi found through speaking to his peers that a lot of them were struggling and suicidal but felt they were unable to share. The song is an ode to anyone struggling and to give them the encouragement to open up. The track comes with a video directed by acclaimed photographer Rosie Matheson and features Luchi alongside some of his closest friends. To mark the release of the track Luchi has created a ‘Made Up My Mind’ limited tee, with all proceeds going to The Calm Zone

Speaking on the track Luchi said: “I have always struggled with my own mental health throughout my life, but last year I really reached my lowest point. I reached a point where I didn’t want to be here anymore. I think with the added pressure of the lockdowns and some family health issues, quite literally, almost pushed me over the edge. As guys, we are conditioned from a young age that feeling emotions is a sign of weakness. So, when I started to talk to my mates about the way I had been feeling, slowly they started to all tell me that they were in similar places, but they had all been too afraid to ever speak to anyone about it.”

Speaking on the video Rosie said: “I’ve been photographing and documenting Boys since 2013, at first because of their style and effortless looks. As the years have passed, the project has definitely evolved and become way deeper, looking into how they feel in themselves, how they feel about masculinity and also their own vulnerability. I met Luchi last year in Soho, London to take his photo. We spent more time chatting than taking pics and that’s when I discovered his passion for music and how open and deep he is. The video is about how you don’t ever really know what someone is going through or how they feel inside. Men’s mental health is a huge problem and something that is still massively overlooked – getting support is something that should be normalised and not make people feel alienated.”

Part-Italian and part-Austrian, Luchi Blue was born and raised in South East London. A die-hard Chelsea fan since childhood (inspiring his obsession with the colour blue), Luchi went to secondary school in Kent, where he felt disconnected to the wealthier people he met there compared to his working class roots. This experience helped shape his identity and taught him to always and unashamedly be his true self. Having been in the fashion industry as a successful model for over half a decade, Luchi has a keen eye for detail, ensuring fashion and style grow hand in hand with his music. His bold style and distinctive model-looks mean he’s equally as comfortable in high-end clothing in addition to street style. Career highlights to date include walking for ‘Blood Brother’ at LFW, walking alongside Winne Harlow for British Designer John Richmond in Milan Fashion Week as well as working for MCM in Milan. 

Citing the likes of Loyle Carner, Sam Wise, Blaze YL and Jack Harlow as inspirations, Luchi uses his music to allow him to open up and dive into his inner psyche, with an aim to connect with others who have experienced similar emotions. Whether break-ups or hardships growing up, or his battle with mental health, Luchi aims to always deliver his honest self.

With further music coming for 2021, it’s time to make way for Luchi Blue. Follow 9bills on Spotify to keep up with new music.


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