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LOCked into fashion | the importance of hair in fashion

What is hair and fashion to you?

Hairstyles and fashion go hand in hand. If you are a model or someone that is looking to get into modelling, you will notice that hairstyles are a key factor to your look. We are now used to seeing our favourite rappers/actors doing shoots with GQ, Flannels and other big brands with long locs, twists, canerows etc. The Weeknd’s eccentric hairstyle was part of his look for a long time before he decided to do a big chop.

We often get inspiration from things that we see, and seeing someone influential with a wavey hairstyle may sway your decision on what style you would like to try next. Entertainers these days are not afraid of growing their hair, trying different styles and dying it different colours. Enforcing the importance of hairstyles into fashion and the culture. Migos, Future, Young Thug, Yxng Bane are known for their locs and they are seen as major fashion icons in the industry with their close detail to high end fashion along with the maintenance of their hair. Watch this YouTube episode of Harry Pinero and Yxng Bane to show how fashion influences rappers and compliments their look.

Yxng Bane buying up Harvey Nichols with Harry Pinero

Just like fashion we should use our hair to Express ourselves and stand up from the crowd. Popcaans hair is always unruly! Hair compliments fashion and tends to give a bolder look. Its important to have your own style and be bold to the different combinations. Rappers like AJ Tracey are seen one week in plaits another week in canerows and 3 weeks later an afro. Regardless of the style he rocks it confidently. I want to encourage the readers to do the same with their own hair. Its 2019 there is no right or wrong style, try what you want and see how it makes you feel. Remember your hair is your own fashion statement as it is something that grows out of your head. Your style is yours and no one can tell you otherwise

We have to become our own trendsetters with the hairstyles we try. Just like how fashion has such an influence on others; hair and hairstyles has the same impact on society. Fashion is for the brave, the ones willing to break the rules. Hair is exactly the same, fashion would be nothing without the perfect hairstyle to compliment it.
Plaits, twists, canerows, locs will be covered on my blog over the upcoming weeks. I will explain how to maintain/grow them and give tips on different styles you can try with each hairstyle.



"writer with the pen game as good as some rappers"



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