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Big Tobz Stowz Finest | @BigTobzsf

Big Tobz Artist

Who is Big Tobz?

If you haven’t heard of him. Big Tobz is a versatile, hard hitting, punchline rapper from east London. He is an artist who takes current happenings and creatively incorporates them into bars that will have you wheeling it up. The essense of his rapping style is portrayed perfectly in the video below. I bet you listen more than once!

Big Tobz has been on the UK urban scene since late 2011 and is beginning to gain real momentum with his single entitled ‘winning’ raking in over 100,000 views!


Big Tobz states Ludacris, Eminem & 50 cent as the main influencers in his career path and with a background in poetry, the natural progression was to utilise his creative gift from school through making his own music. Growing up in an era when east London rap was prominent, Big Tobz had Lethal Bizzle, New Era and Dizee Rascal setting the trend and providing the path for him and others to walk down.


With so many online platforms available to new talent, getting yourself online isn’t so difficult. However, this brings a dilemma. With such a large influx of wanna be rappers talent can sometimes be lost in the web. Big Tobz states getting recognition for being different as one of the challenges of being a London rapper.

Tobz also acknowledges possible difficulties arising from a Christian upbringing. Living in a Christian home, being a rapper is not exactly the dream job aspiration for your parents. Despite this, with time, family members have accepted the rap persona and lifestyle choice and with this has provided an extra springboard for Big Tobz to further progress his music career.

What’s next?

Big Tobz is international!

With the help of Link Up TV Big Tobz has been booked to perform out in Portugal earlier this year alongside Sneakbo amongst others.

Check out the video below

Also Tobz has a mixtape coming out later this year entitled Kool Nuh volume 2. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and keep an eye out on 9bills for the release date!


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