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A Night With BOJ & Ajebutter 22: Make E No Cause Fight 3 | @bojonthemicrophone @ajebutter22

If you’re a lover of smooth, buttery afrobeats that have the ability to transport you to a different location, I know that both BOJ and Ajebutter 22 already hold a solid spot on your playlist.

On Friday the 17th of November, the pair released their latest EP: Make E No Cause Fight 3. The day before the general release, they held a listening party at Cafe Koko, where we were lucky enough to catch a vibe with both artists as they introduced us to their newest body of work.

As the party warmed up, the room was alive with the sounds of our favourite afrobeats and amapiano tracks. Everyone was shuffling between the bar and the dance floor, ensuring they got a taste of the cocktails specifically curated for the night ahead.

42, Rora and Sweet Life were the three cocktails on offer, finding their namesake from tracks on Make E No Cause Fight 3.

With cocktails in hand and the party in full swing, BOJ and Ajebutter took to the stage to welcome us to the five track EP. While it may only be fifteen minutes in length, the EP packs a punch and leaves us wanting more for all the right reasons.

Starting strong with my personal favourite, 42, BOJ told the crowd that they decided to name the song 42 in contrast to the first song, 24, on the first instalment of Make E No Cause Fight.

‘’Things were more of a struggle back then’’ BOJ admits, ‘’But now, things are better. And we’re drinking 42!’’

Next up, Emergency, BOJ’s favourite track and one for the lover girls.

Rora, which was released prior to the rest of the EP, had the crowd moving and singing along despite its short time being available to the public. Ajebutter calls this his favourite song from this EP. Clearly, he’s a man of good taste!

We closed out the EP with Sweet Life, a collaboration with Show Dem Camp and DITR, which made us all feel like we should be listening to it with the sun beating on our backs, somewhere far far away from rainy North London.

This dynamic duo, with their smooth, mid-tempo, jazz-infused groove, get all of the stars from us this time around. 

If you’ve already listened to the EP, you know what I’m talking about. 

If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Stay locked in with us at @9Bills to keep up with your new favourite tracks as soon as they hit the streets. 

Until next time!

(Photography Credits: ffourstudios  / @ffourstudios)

Jojo Dixon

Writer, Activist and Creative with an ear that finds your faves before you do!



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