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6 Platforms Adding Value to UK Music Culture


The UK music ecosystem has continually excelled and expanded over the years. The increase in journalists, blogs, YouTube shows and podcasts that sincerely understand the culture, have certainly supported the rise of today’s artists small and big alike. Additionally, it enlists and celebrates other talented creatives in the scene, it’s a booming community.

Here are some platforms you should lock in with on Instagram, in no particular order:

The Block Report

The Block Report is an outdoor talk show hosted by Sillah via Mixtape Madness, every Monday. It seeks to give viewers an insight on hot topics and new music within the scene. Sillah, has no problem expressing his views, whatever they may be. Neither does he mind cooking up new debates with problematic questions that may ruffle a few music lovers.

The format of The Block Report is a little different which makes it refreshing to tune into. The ‘Bench Talk’ segment is literally a bench outside a block where Sillah invites guest artists to chop it up with him. To name a few, Sillah has hosted Ling Hussle, Wauve, SB2Times and through their interactions, we’ve also gained a deeper insight of who they are. 

Young Music Boss

Looking for a job in the music industry? Young Music Boss are trying to do just that, create young music bosses. They source and advertises new opportunities of every type of role you can imagine, from marketing managers, motion designers, to finance analysts and much more. You might decide to follow the page for a particular role but end up realising there are others out there you didn’t know about that are suitable for you too.

Young Music Boss is highly innovative and a much needed cog for both aspiring and established creatives, as well as hiring businesses. They also provide an in-depth look at music business news and moves, sharing edifying facts and information regarding labels, corporations and musicians, as well as new music releases that the whole ecosystem can learn and benefit from. It’s a one stop shop to become educated and updated, don’t sleep on this platform, it could shape your future. 

Mic Cheque

Mic Cheque, formed by Hamza, Alex and Isiah, was established in 2017. It’s a platform that is “bridging the gap between U.K & U.S Hip-Hop” by sharing the latest music and providing honest yet unbiased reviews for true Hip-Hop heads all over the world. Their focus on Hip Hop allows Mic Cheque to dig deep into the culture being rooted from American Coastal rap and the influences it has had on many of today’s artists making its way to the countries like the UK. The team’s consistency, apparent through their social interactions, solidifies their demand in this field as they add cutting-edge elements to the culture. 


Founded in 2014 as a simple music blog, SpotlightFirst is now a leading black-owned media and entertainment company! Whilst shedding light on upcoming artists and talents right before they take off (great ears and eyes), the platform continues to shift the culture in greater ways as they hold a figurative role in youth culture; from working with local communities and creating opportunities for adults and young people coming from less privileged backgrounds. They host a plethora of events, own a star studded roster of playlists and more recently, have opened their very own studio space in Peckham Levels. 


“Everyone has a voice, sometimes all that’s needed is a microphone”…IndustryMe staples themselves as that ‘microphone’, striving to shed light on those who at the time, do not have mainstream recognition. IndustryMe was founded in 2016 and is run by Ray Sang and Hiba Hassan, who both have an extensive understanding of how the entertainment industry works. As well as creating a larger space for upcoming creatives to showcase their talents, the platform intends to also share key gems and know-how skills needed to manoeuvre within the industry. 


It’s no secret that women hold a fundamental position within the industry, but Shakira Walters noticed the lack of female representation in both the music and culture. GIRLS of GRIME is a platform for ALL, but led by women; DJ’s, execs, presenters, artists and more.

GIRLS of GRIME understand that the UK’s music scene is more than just music, it has opened doors for many and influenced lives through creating and passing on opportunities, as well as promoting content and individuals that are overlooked. We promise you that if you follow them, it’s as if your outlook on the industry becomes complete. It’s surely a platform to keep an eye on, showcasing and enlisting raw upcoming talent in various avenues, a great demonstration of music and culture working hand-in-hand. 

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Grace-Naomi Zadi

Into all things Music & Culture...My love for these is why I decided to write, and also to give recognition to many talented and underrated upcoming artists.



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